mental health and driving

Mental Health and Driving

Driving and mental health are correlated. Good health always gives sound ideas. But a driver with an unhealthy mind leads to fatal results. Nowadays life has become so busy and stressed. Besides this, from morning to late at night people are running here and there for work. Together with it, many things are moving in our minds at a time. And if with this type of mind, a person is driving then what? The answer is causalities, mistakes, crashes, rams, hits, and accidents. Above all, driving is an art and skill. It should be performed with a sound and healthy mind. So, how mental health and driving are affecting each other?

Mental Health and Driving

A. Drive with Healthy Mind

1. Obeying Traffic Rules

People driving with a healthy and sound mind follow traffic rules more than 90%. They understand the value of road rules and traffic signs. In addition to it, there is a little chance of disobedience.

2. Good Reaction Time

A healthy mind always remains aware and alert thoroughly. It can make quick decisions in critical times like an accident. It means the combination of our mind, hands, and legs. More candidly, how our hands and legs move vis-a-vis brain.

3. No Rash Driving

Drivers with a good mind never involve in rash driving. They always drive with patience. Ruthless driving is dangerous both for the drivers and others on roads.

4. Giving Importance to Life

A healthy mind always thinks of family members back at home. They understand what will happen to the family if they lost life in risky driving. And this small fear is a protective layer for them while driving.

5. Remain Defensive Thoroughly

Peoples driving with a healthy mind remain more defensive than others. They drive carefully all the way. They follow all rules and teach others defensive skills while driving.

6. No Drunk Driving

People with sound minds normally remain away from drugs and alcohol. They consider these consuming things against driving laws. Maybe they are drinking in their private life but not while driving.

B. Driving with Unhealthy Mind

1. Careless Driving

There may be many reasons for an unhealthy mind. But driving with this state of mind will prove fatal to life. They drive carelessly without following any rules.

2. Breaking Traffic Rules

Drivers with an unsound mind do not follow traffic rules. They think rules a waste of time and a burden. People jump light-points and changing lanes sans signals. They have bad driving habits.

3. Unnecessary Chasing

Another problem with them is chasing another vehicle. They don’t know how risky is this. They don’t keep proper following-distance. So many accidents happen due to chasing.

4. Low Reaction Time

An unhealthy mind cannot make the right decision at a time. Their mind is responding very late. Subsequently, the hands and legs cannot react and meet with an accident.

5. High Crash Chances

Driving with an unhealthy state of mind is prone to crash. They will commit any driving mistake unknowingly. As a result, the vehicle will ram into another. So, crash chances are high.

6. Pay Heavy Fines for Violations

Last but not least, such types of people will pay heavy fines. In some of the cases, they are subjected to imprisonment. In India, after passing the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019, the fines and punishment are very high and strict respectively.


Thus, there is a big relation between a healthy mind and driving. Driving with a sound mind is always free of risk. And on the other hand, driving with a disturbed mind leads to loss of life. Therefore, drive only if you are suitable for it.

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