tips for first time drivers

Tips for First Time Drivers

Learning driving is a unique experience. People do hard work to learn driving. After that, there is a tiring process of obtaining a driving license. Beginners can drive but not as that of an experience holder driver. New starters need to learn so many things on roads practically. There is a difference between driving with Instructor and alone. When you drive individually many things to keep in mind. There are many driving tips for beginners behind the wheels. The following are some of the best tips for first-time drivers.

Tips for First Time Drivers

1. Adjust Seat as per the Comfort

Beginners should adjust driver seat as per the comfort. It means they can access brake, clutch, and accelerator, indicator, etc. easily.

2. Concentrate on Driving

Sitting in the driver seat is a big responsibility. So, watch straight and concentrate on driving tips and skills you learned.

3. Drive with Experienced Driver

You can drive alone but keep someone experienced drivers with you on the front passenger seat. The person can guide you in a needy situation on roads.

4. First Drive on Familiar Roads

This will help you to remain confident while driving. You might do driving mistakes on unknown roads. Drive on local roads in your vicinity.

5. Remain Distraction-free

It is the most important point in driving. Never let the attention go away from driving. Keep eyes straight and don’t watch the scenery outside. Even don’t talk to your fellows sitting behind with you.

6. Keep Long Following Distance

The normal following distance is 10 to 15 feet. But first-timers should keep more than this for safety reasons. Sometimes, new drivers cannot press brakes and clutch as desired due to fear and nervousness.

7. Don’t Change Lane Frequently

When you drive on local roads, remain stick to your lane. Because changing lane needs extra attention along with holding steering, etc. Better remain and drive on your side in the beginning.

8. Skip Driving on Highways

Highways are multi-lane roads with heavy traffic. Some more, the vehicles move with speed. Therefore, these roads are not safe for beginners. You can drive on highways after a few months.

9. Avoid Driving in Bad Weather

First-time drivers should not drive in bad weather conditions. It may be rain, snow, stormy, foggy, floods, etc. Beginners cannot handle the vehicle in such extreme conditions.

Final Say?

Above all, there are many things to know before driving. They will learn these tricks while driving on roads in less, heavy and full traffic. The experience will make you perfect over time. Always follow traffic signs and obey rules.

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