high beam and low beam lights

High Beam and Low Beam Lights

High beam and low beam lights have their own importance while driving. Drivers use them as driving signals and safety gear. High beam light is straight ahead and less parallel to the surface of the road. Low beam light is low ahead falling on the road at a certain distance. Both the light should be used in an appropriate manner. Many drivers don’t know about these lights even. Some of them use them wrongly. As a result, high beam light can cause accidents if performed beyond traffic rules.

Use of High Beam and Low Beam Lights

A: High Beam Lights

1. Drivers can use high beam light as a signal device for other vehicles by flashing.

2. Using high beam light decreases noise pollution. Drivers no need extra horn or honking.

3. It provides better visibility due to its parallel and long beam pattern.

B: Low Beam Lights

1. Low beam light is beneficial for oncoming traffic. They can see your vehicle clearly at night. Because it increases night visibility.

2. It protects vehicles from potholes. Drivers can skip potholes on roads while driving on low beam light mode.

3. The low light is good in bad weather conditions such as snow, rain, storm, fog.

4. Driving the vehicle with low beam light is a civilized way of driving.

What are the Risks if Used Wrongly?

Drivers should use these lights remaining in the arena of traffic rules. Because breaking any of the traffic law brings you heavy fines and punishments. Everyday many accidents happen while driving at night due to it.  Therefore, use high beam light in such a manner that it cannot blind the driver of oncoming traffic.

What is the Final Say?

Drivers should use high and low beam lights as traffic signs and rules. They can read also the manufacturer’s car manual. Drivers with good knowledge of traffic signs and rules rarely meet any accident. You should know also defensive driving skills. Because sometimes you know traffic rules but others may not. Then they might involve you in any mishap.

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