how to stop global warming

How to Stop Global Warming?

Global warming is an increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to greenhouse gases. They are mainly carbon dioxide, CFCs, pollutants, methane, etc. The global temperature has increased 2°C to 3°C over the last five decades. Every day we read in the news that the north pole ice is melting faster than we expect. As a result, it is putting many species on the verge of extinction. In many countries some of the local seen birds, now no more. Such as in India, vulture, and house-sparrow almost gone. Similarly, in the United States, California-condor, ivory-billed woodpecker, whooping crane, etc. are endangered. Next, the fear of endangering is lurking all over the world. So, what are the causes? And how to stop global warming?

Causes of Global Warming

1. Emission of Vehicles

There are millions of vehicles moving throughout the world. They are adding a lot of CO2 and other gases to the environment. Carbon dioxide plays a big role in the greenhouse gas effect. Then it raises the temperature of the earth.

2. Deforestation

Another big reason for global warming is cutting trees ruthlessly. Jungles are vital to human beings and the rest of the species on the planet. Threes give us fresh air (oxygen) after consuming carbon dioxide. Besides this, even some of the threes convert CO2 in oxygen at night.

3. Burning Agriculture Remains

Burning agricultural waste also adds a lot of smoke to the environment. Farmers burn stubbles after harvesting the crops. For example, in India, New Delhi’s air quality index fallen to a risky level. The cause was stubble burning by farmers after paddy (rice) crop.

4. Wildfires

This is dangerous both to flora and fauna. It rises global temperature. Generally, human being causes a fire in jungles. They burn it sometimes for their own benefits. Recently, thousands of acres trees were burnt in a wildfire in Australia. The United States also suffer this wildlife problem. Another fire-prone area is Amazon forests.

5. Waste Disposal Ways

Human beings produce thousands of tones of wastage every day. All the garbage is not processed properly. Almost 25% left unprocessed for nature. The material is not decomposable. This waste material emits various gases into the environment.

6. Ruthless Mining

Since the time of the industrial revolution, fossil fuels played a crucial in a nation’s economy. The main is coal and it is burnt to meet many of our needs. It is used in trains, industry, electricity generation, etc. Subsequently, it adds so much CO2 and other harmful gases to the environment.

How to Stop Global Warming?

1. Use Vehicles at Minimum – We should use vehicles less than normal. Rather we can walk, use a cycle to fetch things from the market. It is a good exercise for us and stops pollution as well.

2. Use CFLs – Traditional filament bulbs emits heat in the air. It causes CO2 emission. Better use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) for homes as they are cost-effective.

3. Turn Off Electronic Devices – Nowadays, almost every person is using smartphones. We must switch off them if not in use. Many people left computers running while eating, chatting, talking, watching TV, etc.

4. Plant Trees – Plant as many trees as you can. It is a moral duty of everyone and a savior for life. The plantation is a must for staying longer on the planet earth. If not, maybe human beings too will face extinction.

5. Recycle More and More – We should recycle more and more home waste. Don’t throw it for natural decomposition. The respective authority must handle waste management in a good way.

6. Avoid Plastic Packed Products – This is a big problem both in developed and developing countries. Almost 7 daily use items out of 10 are packed in plastic. Nature cannot decompose a polyethylene bag for many years. Better use jute-bags or an environment-friendly alternative.

7. Prevent Deforestation – In developing or third world countries, people depend on the agriculture sector for livelihood. They need more land under agriculture and they cut trees. The government should stop deforestation.

8. Stop Wildfires – Both the local people and the government of each country should work together. Because every year many flora and fauna burnt in it.

9. Light Homes with Solar Energy – It is another clean and natural energy source and emission-free. Countries located on the equator have more solar energy options.


Thus, there are many causes and effects of global warming. To begin with, human beings can stop global warming by working together. For instance, think about Sir David Attenborough, a renowned naturalist, and his work of alarming the world. He has been highlighting the changes in nature for many decades. Indeed, humans can prevent global warming. Also remember, there is no possibility of life on other planets at of now. Better we keep our mother earth safe to nurture us for eternity.

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