what does car insurance cover

What does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance cover is a protective umbrella for the owner of the vehicle. There are many types of insurances for vehicles. But, they do not cover all the damages met in an accident for various reasons. The insurance company deducts as per the damage covered. The main thing is the policy you bought and how much car insurance coverage. So, what does car insurance cover? The following are the things that are to be covered or not to be covered in insurance coverage.

What does Car Insurance Cover?

1. Judgment Error Accidents

The insurance company covers the damage if caused by a minor judgment error. This happens mostly in a rush and heavy traffic. Sometimes, the reason is a technical problem in the car. Therefore, you should know about driving tips.

2. Fire from Self-ignition

Damages from explosion, lightning, and self-ignition are covered in car insurance coverage. Sometimes car explodes (car fire) due to some sort of tech issues in circuits and sometimes by lighting. In this situation, insurance companies provide assistance to the owner.

3. Car Theft

Thieves and burglars stole thousands of cars and vehicles every year. But, does car insurance cover theft? The answer is yes. They pay to the owner the car’s insured value in case of theft. Learn how to prevent vehicle theft.

4. Natural Calamity Damage

Car insurance companies cover damages from earthquakes and riots. Earthquakes, tsunami, storms, etc. are natural calamities. But make sure how much the policy covers regarding natural calamities at the time of buying insurance.

5. Cover Third-party Losses

Car insurance also covers the damages and losses to third parties. It means if the owner met an accident and caused loss of the property and death of another person. Hence, the insurance company covers it as well.

6. Car Owner Coverage

This is a big relief to the owner and surviving family behind. Besides this, it covers the loss of life and disability to the owner. Some of the insurance companies say they will cover it even if someone else was driving your car during a mishap.

What does not Car Insurance Cover?

The car insurance companies will not compensate for the damages in the following conditions.

1. Illegal Driving

The company will not cover damages if the drivers involved in drunk driving. First, it is illegal and against the traffic rules and regulations.

2. Non-accidental Damage

The insurance company will not cover breakdowns, wear, and tear, failures, consequential damages or liabilities.

3. Tires, Tubes, and Engine

Insurance companies do not cover damages to tires, tubes, and engines if caused by non-accidental reasons.


Above all, the insurance companies cover genuine car damages in any mishap. Thus, the car owners must tell real reasons for causalities. Furthermore, car insurance is a protective layer for life. Everyone must have car insurance along with other types of insurances.

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  1. It’s awesome that this article talked about how the policy you purchased and the level of auto insurance coverage are crucial. This is something that my husband should consider about after purchasing a new car that’s why he wants to have a car insurance. To ensure that he gets the proper coverage, I’ll make certain to share this with him, thanks!

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