traffic signs
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Traffic Signs and Symbols

Regulatory/ Mandatory Road Signs:

Please Stop All Vehicles

No Parking Allowed

No Stopping or Standing

All Restrictions Ends Here

Compulsory Horn

Compulsory Cycle Track

Compulsory Ahead or Left Turn

Compulsory Ahead or Right Turn

Compulsory Ahead

Compulsory Turn Left Ahead

Compulsory Turn Right Ahead

Compulsory Keep to Left

Compulsory Left Turn

Compulsory Right Turn

Load Limit 5 Tonnes

Motor Vehicles Prohibited

Cycle Prohibited

Hand-Cart Prohibited

Axle Load Limit 4 Tonnes

Bullock or Hand-Cart Prohibited

Bullock-Cart Prohibited

Height Limit 3.5 M

Left Turn Prohibited

Length Limit of 10 Meters

One-Way Coming

One-Way Going

Overtaking Prohibited

Pedestrians Prohibited

Right Turn Prohibited

Speed Limits

Straight Drive Prohibited or No-Entry

Tanga Prohibited

Trucks Prohibited

Use of Horn Prohibited

U-Turn Prohibited

Vehicles Prohibited in both Directions

Width Limit 2 Meters

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