Refund Policy

Motorbike Driving School Refund Policy
The school refund policy is students friendly all the way. Their money is safe in all the conditions. Read the following refund policy rules.

1) If a student or learner enrolls in our school and selects any of the driving course types, but does not start driving class at all. In that case, there will be a complete refund of paid fees after deducting a handling charge of Rs.200. (Students must inform the school authority about it within 7 days from the very date of billing.)

2) If a learner or student starts driving class but decides to stop classes due to some genuine reasons (especially health issues) only before completing the 1st quarter (i.e. 30km) of the total course km. In that case, the student will be refunded half of the fees after deducting Rs.200 as handling charges. For example, if the total fee is Rs.4000, the student completed less than 60km, then he/she will be refunded Rs.1800. (Deduction – Rs.2000 fees for 60km plus Rs.200 as handling charges)

Note: There will not be any refund for simple causes or no reasons. And learners must inform us within 7 days (7 days-count starts from the last class attended).

3) If a student or learner has started driving class and completed half or more than half of the course. In that case, there will be no refund, he/she must complete the rest of the course km in routine or they can quit it willingly.

Note: In case, any type of disagreement arises between the school authority and the learners, only the school decision will prevail regarding refunding.

Noteworthy: The course fees and prices are subjected to change at any time with or without pre-notice.

Motorbike Driving School Damage Policy
During training, vehicles are prone to minor or major damages (not always) due to falling on the ground or roads during the learning process. They include the breaking of side indicators, side mirrors, odometer wire, clutch wire, body dents, and the like.

1) In that case, if the damage is up to Rs.1000, then the Learner will bear it entirely. The damage cost is excluded from the prescribed course fees.

2) If the vehicle damage is more than Rs.1000, then Learner and School will bear the cost on a ratio of 75:25 respectively. It means the Learner (75%) and School (25%) of the total damage cost.

Note: Here, the school will pay only 25% of its own vehicle damage cost (not that of third-party) and the rest of the 75% for learners. Next, learners will bear 100% damage cost for any type of third-party vehicle, themselves.

3) If any of the Learners are injured (very rarely) during training, then he/she himself/herself will bear the entire cost of treatment. The school will not pay for it, except for providing the initial help like first aid.

Note: Always follow your Instructor during training. There will not be any casualty either Damage or Injury.

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