common bad driving habits

Common Bad Driving Habits

Bad driving habits are the causalities of drivers. They are very dangerous and risky. So many times people commit these mistakes in a hurry to reach or due to a lack of driving skills. These bad habits cause many accidents every year i.e. drunk driving kills many innocent people moving on roads. Some of the people do these causalities because of not proper and strict traffic laws. Besides this, the following are common bad driving habits.

What are Common Bad Driving Habits?

1. Never Exam Vehicle before Start Driving

Some people have the habit of not examining the vehicle before starting driving. If you driving a vehicle with some problems, it could be risky for you. Check clutch, brakes, and accelerator.

2. Improper Use of Indicators

Many people don’t know how to give the indicator properly. Sometimes, they are turning vehicles with no indicator. This causes many accidents and rams of vehicles.

3. Tailgating

It is a risky habit for many drivers. Never move the vehicle exactly behind the front vehicle. Hence, drive with a little bit margin for safety.

4. Jumping Traffic Lights

Another bad habit is jumping traffic lights. This could fetch you both fine and imprisonment. In a hurry, you can put your life in danger. Don’t do this.

5. Change of Lane Frequently

Many drivers change lanes from time to time while driving on multiple lane roads. This is risky and causes many accidents. In this case, change lanes with proper use of indicator and side mirrors.

6. Excessive Honking

Another bad habit or headache is unnecessary honking. They think they can get path fast doing this, but cannot. So, no honking and no noise pollution.

7. Wrong Parking

Many people park vehicles on roadsides, markets, and anywhere at no parking zones. Don’t do this. Always use the parking place.

8. Over-speeding

Over-speeding sometimes a craze but very risky. This can be fatal for drivers and people on roads. Always drive in speed limits.

9. Cell Phone Using

This is a very bad habit found in many drivers. Using phone while driving is dangerous for life. This is a reason for a distraction from driving.

Final Say:

Thus, there are many bad driving habits in people. They should omit these and follow driving rules for the safety of everyone. Therefore, become a good driver and improve driving skills. It is a life-long process.

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