Earn Money With Your Driving Skills

Affiliate Driving Instructor/Franchise

Motorbike Driving School is providing job opportunities to those who want to earn money with their driving skills. They can do this either by becoming an affiliate driving instructor with us or taking out a franchise to start their business under our brand name. We are seeking both male and female driving instructors for teaching and training newcomers in their respective cities across India.

In this initiative, we need both car and bike driving instructors. So, now turn your bike and car into an earning machine. Aspiring Instructors can join our initiative both on a full-time and part-time basis. For this, you need to register with us by sending your required personal details and identifications.

Registration is free as of now!

Affiliate Driving Instructor Program: In this program, aspiring driving instructors will register with us as our distant instructors. We will handle the bookings of students/learners, including payments. We will send the learners’ details to our instructor after fulfilling all the requirements. In this process, you will earn almost full course fees after deducting some handling charges/commissions. So, you will get hassle-free bookings from us. Normally, you will get local bookings from your own cities. For example, an instructor from Delhi will get a booking from Delhi or nearby areas.

Become Franchisee: In this program, any aspiring person or instructor can take out a franchise from us by fulfilling certain terms and conditions. They can start their business under our brand name, Motorbike Driving School with our significant operating assistance. We will assist them to manage all the workload i.e. booking, staff, bikes, cars, etc. They can earn smartly every month by doing hard work. As a franchise fee, they will pay us a certain amount (%) of total revenue every month, as per the franchise agreement.

Who Can Become A Driving Instructor

1. He/she should be an Indian citizen
2. Should have passed 12th class or more
3. Should have completed 21 years of age
4. Holding a valid license for at least 3 years
5. Good communication and interpersonal skills
6. Well known to all traffic rules and regulations
7. Should be disciplined and punctual
8. Must have either a scooter, bike, or car
9. Should have passion for teaching/training
10. Should have a valid ID e.g. Aadhaar Card
11. Should not have any criminal record
12. Ability to follow Motorbike Driving School guidelines

Fill Registration Form Now!

Aspiring Instructors can fill this form to register with Motorbike Driving School. They can also contact us by call or Whatsapp on this number +91-7837451345. We will help you to register with us.

To apply, please fill out this form.

    Your Full Name *

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    Your Location *

    Your Age in Years *

    Your Qualification *

    Your Marital Status *

    Upload Your Aadhaar Card Photo *
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    Have You a Driving License?

    How Long You Been Driving? *

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    Have You Driving-Training Experience? *

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    Note: All places with (*) are mandatory to fill before submitting the form.

    Owner’s Statement:
    Motorbike Driving School is an equal opportunity employer. We provide earning opportunities through driving skills to all qualified and experienced driving Instructors. We cooperate with all Instructors willing to do hard work for carrying our guidelines and driving initiatives across India.

    This application shall be considered active for a period of not exceeding 30 days. Applicants will receive a response from the Owner as soon as possible. We will discuss with you all the terms and conditions of an affiliate driving instructor program or you can take out a franchise and start your own business with our brand name.

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