Learn Any Two Wheeler in 7 to 10 Days, Contact Us +91-7837451345 and Start Your Driving Classes.

Learners Driving Course Fee

Type: Full Course

Fee: ₹3500

Learn any two wheeler in 7 to 10 days. We teach you starting from the ground to roads. All the theoretical and technical points are told while training everyday. We teach you in such a way that it will boost your confidence in driving. You will learn from our best of the best driving experiences.

Type: Half Course

Fee: ₹2000

We taught you all the driving tips within a short span of time. The course is suggested for the person who is somehow known to driving but lack of confidence in traffic or afraid of driving with a pillion rider.

Type: Rs./Km Course

Fee: ₹50 Per Kilometer

Driving with ease. You can learn two-wheeler based on rupees per kilometer. The fee is Rs.50 per kilometer. This facility is available only if you select a minimum of 10 kilometers or more.

Instructor Driving Course Fee

Know Fee Details

Type: Full Course

Fee: ₹8000 (for Motorbike)

Fee: ₹10000 (for Car)

During the course, you will learn all the teaching skills, communication skills, traffic rules, defensive techniques, groundwork, traffic signs, parking, reversing, clutch and brake functioning, and the like others. Read more. How to Become a Driving Instructor?

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