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Most Common Driving Mistakes

No one is perfect in this world. Mistakes happen both knowingly and unknowingly. While driving we commit mistakes, and which is not a good habit. These mistakes sometimes lead to unfortunate accidents and causalities. Most of the accidents on roads happen due to human errors. Some of the people commit mistakes again and again even after happening unfortunate things to them. People should update themselves about driving rules and regulations from time to time. New technologies are being developed to mitigate these common driving mistakes.

What are Common Driving Mistakes?

1. Suddenly Stop the Vehicle

Some people stop their cars and motorbikes suddenly. It causes traffic jams and accidents. Drivers should always use brakes slowly. Let the vehicles coming from behind to understand your intention.

2. Cross Yellow/White Lines

This is a bad driving mistake so many drivers commit while driving. As per the traffic rules and regulations, we cannot change this line. Basically, it is a divider of the main road. Yellow/White Lines are also called ‘continuous lines.’

3. Red Light Jumping

Jumping red lights is the most common mistake drivers do. Sometimes peoples do this due to hurry and ignoring traffic rules. As per anonymous data, mostly teenagers are not following traffic rules. Red lights jumping could lead to serious accidents and the cost of living.

4. Change Lanes without Indicator

Another common mistake is changing lanes without using indicator. They do this in a hurry or ignoring traffic rules. Suppose you driving in the middle lane and you change your lane sans indicator to the left side then vehicles moving in the left lane could ram into you. So always change lane with proper use of indicators.

5. Improper Seating Position

The seating position is another mistake driver does. Some drivers are not adjusting driver seat according to their body posture. It means adjusting the seat according to the length of your legs and arms. You could press clutch and brake properly.

6. Leave High Beams On

This is a dangerous mistake. It can blind other drivers coming from the front. Some peoples left this on high beam mode. Never do this. Always use low beam mode. Drivers can blink high beam in case they just want to see the vehicle coming from the front.

7. Drive Slowly in Passing Lane

Every lane has its own speed limits and driving pattern. In India, normally lane speed increases from life lane to right lanes. It means cannot drive slowly if you are in the extreme right lane on the road. This could meet an accident because vehicles moving in high speed in that lane.

8. Improper Position of Mirror

It is another mistake many drivers do. They are not paying heeds towards mirrors before driving a car or motorbike. They do this while driving and which is risky and dangerous. Therefore, adjust common things like mirrors, seat-belt, etc.

Thus, avoid all these minor or major mistakes while driving. Read questions and answers on driving rules from time to time.

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  1. Drivers are often scared by auto repair and fail to educate themselves by asking a technician or a garage the required questions. Too often, this proves to be a costly error. My husband and I wanted to go to an auto service in Lincoln, NE, and I have many questions in mind but am unsure if I should tell them. I’m glad you mentioned that it’s better to voice out what is on my mind when I go to them so we won’t have more problems in the future.

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