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Type of Driving Courses: 
A. Full Course: 120 km 
B. Half Course: 60 km
C. Combo Course: 120 km
D. Rs. Per Km Course
Note: Fee is to be paid in advance. 
Imp: You need to complete the course within 15 to 30 days compulsorily from the very date of joining. 

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A Trusted Driving School

We have trained so many people over the years. The success rate is excellent. Check the following features.
1. Many years of expertise for driver safety experience
2. Courses designed by professional driving instructors
3. Our latest driving techs keep you up to date
4. Our courses are license-oriented all the way
5. 100% attention is given to all learners
6. Time-bound training and courses

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Driving Course and Fees

Full Course

Fee: ₹3500

Learn any two-wheeler in 7 to 10 days and four-wheeler in 12 to 15 days. We teach you starting from the ground to roads. All the theoretical and technical points are told while training every day. We teach you in such a way that it will boost your confidence in driving. You will learn from our best of the best driving experiences.
Note 1: You need to choose either a geared bike or gearless bike to complete the course.
Note 2. We use a Swift Dzire car for four-wheelers training.

Half Course

Fee: ₹2000

Learn any two-wheeler in 3 to 5 days and four-wheeler in 7 to 10 days. We teach you all the driving skills and tips within a short span of time. The course is suggested for the person who is somehow known to driving but has a lack of confidence in traffic or afraid of driving with a pillion rider.
Note 1: You need to choose either a geared bike or gearless bike to complete the course.
Note 2. We use a Swift Dzire car for four-wheelers training.

Combo Course

Fee: ₹4000

Learn both gearless and geared bikes in 7 to 10 days. We start training from the ground with making balance. Half course (60km) will be on a gearless bike and the rest of the half course (60km) will be on a geared bike. All the driving skills will be taught while training every day. Our training ways are license oriented and helpful.

Note: First half-course will be on a gearless bike and the rest with a geared bike.

Rs./Km Course

Fee: ₹50 Per Kilometer

You can learn two-wheeler or four-wheeler based on rupees per kilometer. The rate is Rs.50 per kilometer.

Imp: This course facility is available only if you select a minimum of 10 kilometers or more.

Note 1: It is suitable for the person who just wants to experience driving with rules and regulations.

Note 2: Freshers can also take up this course for learning both two and four-wheelers.

What People Say About Us


Rocky Sir is such a nice person I ever seen. He teaches me with so much patience during the driving course. I started from ground then to drive on roads. Now I can drive very well. Thank you Motorbike Driving School.
Ashis Goel
IT Engineer


So good experience with Motorbike Driving School. After I joined, day by day I got the confidence to drive my bike. I learned here both bike and car. Sir teaches me all the points very well. His teachings also helped me in Learners/Regular Licence. He let me drive on busy roads as well.


Rocky Sir is really an excellent Instructor for learning of any two wheeler driving. I started with him from ground and after 3 days on roads. He taught me all the driving skills and traffic rules during learning classes.

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