how dangerous is drunk driving

How Dangerous is Drunk Driving?

Drunk Driving is very dangerous and risky for life. It is an act of driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Although drunk driving is prohibited and illegal in most countries of the world yet people take risks. Every year so many people die due to driving in this intoxicated condition. The Motor Vehicles Act also has strict provisions for those violating traffic laws. After taking alcohol, the decision-making power of the brain decreases to very low. Drunkard even cannot control himself/herself. So, how dangerous is drunk driving?

How Dangerous is Drunk Driving?

1. Improper Decision-making Power

Alcohol affects the brain badly and reduces its thinking power. In this condition, drivers cannot decide anything on the road quickly. As a result, they meet fatal accidents and lost their lives.

2. Reduced Reaction Time

In drunkard conditions, the mind and rest of the parts of the body do not work together properly. There is no quick movement. It means, if a driver wants to press brake, he/she cannot stop the vehicle as required and desired.

3. Blur Vision after Drinking

Consuming alcohol causes a blurred vision. Normally a drunkard person cannot open eyes properly. Their body tilts both sides while holding steering. They cannot even focus straight on the road for a long time. Consequently, sometimes they can hit another vehicle and get fatal injuries.

4. Prone to Risky Driving

Another danger of drunk driving is becoming a rash driver. Drunkard drivers do not follow traffic rules. They think they are the king of the road. But they are risking their lives at the cost of just alcohol. Life is incredible, keep it safe for longer.

5. Disobeying Traffic Signs

Another bad effect of drunk driving is breaking all the road laws. They jump red-lights, overtake in a risky way, no signal while turning, playing loud music, unnecessary honking, and the like other too.

6. Drunk Driving Fine and Punishment

This is one of the effects of drunk driving. As you break traffic rules so as you will pay fines. This is a financial loss along with the loss of self-respect. After getting traffic challan, the offender needs to stand in queue for long. They need to submit some certain documents for taking a driving license and registration certificate back.


Don’t consume alcohol while driving. This is a double loss to your overall image and reputation as well. Life is precious and doesn’t stake it just for alcohol. Therefore, always follow traffic rules and regulations. And there should be some special drunk driving education programs from time to time for general awareness.

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  1. Oh, wow! It was really eye-opening to discover just how jeopardizing drunk driving is towards our personal legal records as it may cause us to be banned from getting behind the wheel for life. My niece has decided to apply for a driver’s license this fall and she wants to learn more about what she should and shouldn’t do while on the road. I’ll remind her about this crucial detail so she’ll be a responsible driver later on.

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