how to overtake another vehicle

How to Overtake Another Vehicle?

Overtaking is a driving skill and every driver should master it. If you don’t know about overtaking, then don’t do this. Because it is one of the main reasons for road causalities. Drivers need extra speed while overtaking other vehicles. Sometimes, due to judgment error, the vehicle hits another vehicle. Nowadays the roads are single lane, double lanes, and multi-lanes. The most important thing during overtaking is the availability of enough space and time. Drivers should avoid it on the single carriageway as no sufficient space. A small driving mistake can cost your life. Peoples should know all the skills of the overtaking day time, night time and bad weather conditions. So, how to overtake another vehicle safely? Here is the quick guide.

Things to Avoid While Overtaking

Remember the following things and don’t do them.

1. Don’t Drive Too Closely

Driving too closely is like an invitation to dangers. Keep enough following-distance i.e. 10 to 15 feet from the front vehicle. Another risk is if the front vehicle uses brakes at once.

2. Avoid Overtaking if limited Visibility

Drivers should not overtake if the visibility is limited. If you are doing so, maybe any vehicle is coming from the front. As a result, the chances of accidents are more than normal.

3. Overtaking in Rush

Skip overtaking in heavy traffic or rush. In this case, keep moving back to back. But if you do so, then you can ram into or hit another vehicle at any time.

How to Overtake Another Vehicle?

While overtaking another vehicle, drivers should keep in mind the following safety tips.

1. Think if You Need Overtaking

Drivers should think first if they need to overtake another vehicle. If yes, then check the things like enough space, following distance, front and rear traffic, the road ahead, etc.

2. Check Blind Spots

Make sure there is no blind sport left before you overtake. Clear all the ways both from front and back sides.

3. Show Indicator Properly

After you check and confirm the way is clear, then show indicator. Show indicators as per the traffic rules and regulations of your country. It means if you are from India show the‘ right indicator’. And if you are from the United States show ‘left indicator’ due to the left-hand traffic. This is because in India the driver’s seat is on the right side and lift side in the USA.

4. Next Check Side-mirrors

After showing indicator properly check side mirrors for rear traffic view. Make sure no vehicle is coming from behind. Now turn your vehicle (left or right) from the front vehicle. You may need some extra acceleration for overtaking.

5. Come Back to Earlier Lane

After you have overtaken successfully come back to the same lane. It means you were driving in the left lane before overtaking. And you went to another lane while overtaking. So, come back to the same lane after showing the left indicator (as per India).

Overtaking Tips at Night

You need to think of the following conditions while driving at night.

1. Limited spread of headlights on the road. Make sure you can see the traffic properly including roads.

2. Make sure the windscreen is clean. Sometimes at night time dust covers it. Therefore, before overtaking, clean it with sprinkling water and use wiper.

3. Never drive too close to the sides of the road. Sometimes mud, water, slush, and leaves can splash on the windshield.

Bad Weather Overtaking Tips

Overtaking another vehicle in rainy, snowy or stormy is riskier. Drivers need to worry about the following things in bad weather driving.

1. Wet roads affect vehicle speeds and tire grip. The vehicles can slip and ram into another one if turned in speed. Make sure the speed should be in control before overtaking.

2. Drivers should care for painted lane markings. They do not create sufficient friction and lead to losing grip in wet conditions.

3. Use tire with sufficient tread. Before you drive in rain or wet roads make sure the tires have good treads. Because tires with less tread have more chances to slip.

Thus, overtaking is a deed of care and mastery. Always overtake only if you need it and have sufficient space. Always drive with rules and obey traffic signs.

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