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Regular Licence in Chandigarh

How to Apply for Regular Driving Licence?
1. Buy Regular Driving Licence form from RLA office or download (pdf file) from its website
2. Read instructions & fill the form
3. Attach all required documents with filled form
4. Book the appointment for form submission
5. Appear in Regular Driving License Test (practically)
6. If you pass it then collect your file receipt; if failed in test, then reappear in it after certain days as you are told at the time.
7. If pass, then present/submit this receipt to the RLA office as told
8. You will receive your Regular Driving Licence after 7 to 10 days either by post or by hand. That’s all.

International Driving Permit

How to Apply for an International Driving Permit?
Steps to Follow:
1. Buy file for International Driving Permit either at RLA sale counter or download (pdf file) from its official website
2. Read all the instructions before filling the application form
3. Fill the form and attach all the required documents with it
4. Deposit fees and file at the respective DL counter at RLA office and take fee receipt
5. Collect International Driving Permit from the DL distribution counter at the RLA office.

Important: Carry all the original documents whose attested copies have been attached to the file.

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