stay visible at night while riding

Stay Visible at Night While Riding

Driving at night is a bit different than day time due to darkness on roadsides. There are chances of not being seen by other drivers in the situation. Some of the road accidents happen due to it. So, wearing normal clothes at night can put motorists at risk. They should use some special things and equipment for safety at night. The most important thing is to stay visible at night while riding. It means riders should be seen by other drivers. Motorbike Driving School reveals some of the ways to remain visible at night.

Stay Visible at Night While Riding

1. Wear Reflective Clothes

Motorbike drivers should wear clothes with red, fluorescent orange and green colors. These colors are visible at night and other drivers can see you. Visibility can prevent many unfortunate accidents and causalities.

2. Use Bright Color Motorbikes

Many companies are manufacturing multi-color motorcycles. Some colors are brighter than others. They are visible at night when other vehicle’s light falls.

3. Sometimes Press Brakes

Motorists should use brakes if they think the vehicle from behind is closer than normal. This is to do for dragging the attention of drivers. The reminder is necessary if a driver of the rear vehicle is talking on the phone.

4. Blow Horn to Catch Attention

Use horn at night time to time if the way is dark or fewer road lights. Blowing horns will tell other drivers your presence on the road. Use horn fairly because the unnecessary honking will lead to heavy fines.

5. Use High/Low Beams Fairly

Motorbike drivers can make themselves visible at night by using low and high beam timely. Normally we should drive on a low beam. Because a high beam can blind drivers coming from the front.

6. Put Reflective Tapes on Wheel-rim

Motorcycle riders can put some sort of reflective tapes on the rim of a wheel. Taps are very shiny when light falls on. As a result, other drivers can see motorbike and driver accordingly.

7. Wear White or Yellow Helmets

Another good way is wearing yellow and white helmets at night. Other drivers can see you coming on the road from a distance at night.

How to Escape Accidents at Night?

The best driving strategy is ‘stick to your lane’ while driving. Don’t change lanes frequently at night. Avoid distracted-driving while riding. Wear all the safety gears, they can help if you fall down. Never overload the motorcycle at night. No drunk driving at night. Follow speed limits while driving. Above all, follow all the traffic signs and rules while driving.


Thus, driving at night is a deed of care and focus. Driving is a skill and passion. But it doesn’t mean we ignore traffic rules. Driving at night is a bit different than day time. Learn driving tips at night time.

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