safety tips for teen drivers

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Teenagers are keen to drive both motorcycles and cars. Between 16 to 19 years, they are neither fully grown nor childish. At this age, they are very fast to learn things. And driving is one of them. But without a proper driving lesson in driving school, their lives are in danger. It is the parent’s responsibility either to teach them or send to driving schools. Motorbike Driving School presents some of the best safety driving tips for teenage drivers.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

1. Obey and Follow Traffic Rules

We should always traffic rules and laws, yet some of us break rules. Reasons are different, maybe they are in a hurry or flying in high dreams. Teenagers should not cost their lives like this. Sometimes, traffic rules violation leads you to jails and fines.

2. Don’t Drive Until You Not Ready

Simple equation, if you know driving then drive, if not then not. Don’t risk your life. Join any driving school and learn it then go on roads. It means to learn driving, get a driving license, then drive.

3. Avoid Over-Speeding in Bad Weather

Teenagers commit driving mistakes often. They drive so fast even without enough experience. They should not do this; it could be fatal for them. Always follow driving rules and regulations. Join driving school for driving course.

4. No Cell Phone While Driving

Teenagers should not use mobile phones while driving. Parents should guide them for this as well. Tell them to avoid these types of dangerous things.

5. Don’t Drive After Drinking

Many teenagers do fun in life such as drinking and dancing. They drive after consuming alcohol. They should follow their parents’ advice and obey traffic rules.

6. No Loud Music While Driving

Many people use loud music during driving. They think it a source of enjoyment. But this is both against traffic rules and pollution norms.

7. Drive Being of Distraction-free

Teenagers should avoid driving distractions. They should not divert their attention watching the moving things around. Keep head straight and concentrate fully.

8. No Rash Driving and Racing

Always drive with patience and a calm mind. Never race with other vehicles or chase any front moving car or motorbike.

9. Avoid Driving at Night-Time

As teenagers are not so much expert in driving, they should use vehicles at minimum at night. Night-time driving is a bit different than day time.

10. Don’t Hang in Car Windows

Many people drive cars opening their roof or side windows. It is dangerous and other vehicles might cut your body parts while side by side movement. Always drive with proper decorum and traffic rules.

11. Possibly Skip Busy Roads

Teenagers should avoid busy roads as they have not enough driving experience. They can stick in a rush and might lead to injury or unknown happening. They should either stop the vehicle before approaching roundabout/light junctions or keep left while driving.

Thus, teenagers should always follow parents’ instructions and obey traffic rules. Driving doesn’t mean either you committing mistakes or harassing other drives on roads. Rule of thumb is ‘drive only after you have enough driving experience and license. During learners’ license drive on less busy roads until you get regulars license.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that driving through the night can be different and should be avoided as a teenager. My parents’ car won’t be available on the day I’ll be going to university, so I’m thinking of just renting a car instead. I’ll be taking note of your tips to ensure that the vehicle I’ll be renting out will be properly taken care of.

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