driving tips during pregnancy

Driving Tips During Pregnancy

Motherhood is a God-given gift to every woman. During pregnancy, a woman needs to care herself to protect the baby. We discussing here driving tips during pregnancy for pregnant lady drivers. Sometimes accidents happen unfortunately by the mistakes of others. The best advice is to drive a car or motorcycle a minimum during pregnancy. The following are some of the best safety driving tips for pregnant drivers.

Driving Tips During Pregnancy

While Driving A Car-

1. Always Use Seat Belt

Always use a seat belt to protect you from sudden jerk and push. Airbag also protects you from hitting against the steering.

2. Correct Sitting Position

Before you drive to make sure your sitting position is correct and comfortable. Keep at least 10 to 15 inches gap between your tummy and steering. Use tummy shield for an extra layer of protection.

3. Strictly Follow Traffic Rules

In a normal way, sometimes people violate traffic rules due to some reasons despite the danger to life. But in pregnancy, you must stick to traffic rules and avoid all possible human mistakes. No place for rash driving in pregnancy.

4. Take Breaks While Driving

As you are pregnant, your body needs some rest from time to time. During long trips, take some breaks during the journey. This will energize you. Don’t drive if you tired, either say your colleague to drive.

5. Keep Health Emergency Numbers at Hand

This is the most important point in life safety. Many people die because they could not receive medical help at the right time. During pregnancy, you must keep with you all health emergency numbers including the health numbers of the areas where you are traveling.

6. Stop Driving Right Before Your Due Date

Normally during the first trimester, you are allowed to drive. As your pregnancy advances, the doctor suggests you to avoid driving at maximum. Remain in your doctor’s touch for proper advice. Generally, women stop driving right before the start of the last trimester.

7. Consult Your Doctor if Met an Accident

If you met an accident even a minor, go for a check-up immediately. Make sure baby and everything okay inside. This is not that something went wrong, but make sure all is well.

While Driving A Two-Wheeler

Driving a two-wheeler is riskier than a car. While driving a motorcycle you are sitting in open and risks are greater. First, avoid driving two-wheeler during pregnancy. If you still want to here are some of the best driving tips for you.

1. Always follow traffic rules, no rash driving. Don’t commit driving mistakes.

2. Wear helmet either you are driving or sitting as a pillion rider.

3. Wear comfortable clothes, avoid tight ones.

4. Don’t drive on busy roads and full of rush.

5. Use neon jacket if you are driving during night time as it reflects from distance.

6. Don’t drive immediately after rainfall. The roads are wet and slippery could cause you injury. Be aware of driving tips in bad weather.

7. Use self-starter two-wheeler instead of starting with a kick. If you have kicked one, say some to kick it for you.

8. Keep at hand all health emergency numbers including the numbers of the area you drive.

9. Be careful on left-right turns and speed breakers, keep low speed.

Finally, you should not risk driving during pregnancy at the cost of a baby. Avoid all the possible risks to your pregnancy. Both four-wheeler and two-wheeler could harm you if you are going beyond the advice of your doctor. Always drive safely.

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