causes of distracted driving

Causes of Distracted Driving

We should always drive the vehicle by concentrating on it. Still, there are many causes of distracted driving. They drag our attention this or that way. Distraction while driving is dangerous and fatal. So many people lost their lives due to distraction every year.

What are the Causes of Distracted Driving?

The following are some common causes of distractions.

1. Lost in Thoughts

The biggest reason for distraction is being lost in thoughts while driving. It is normal to be lost but that’s not good. After you lost in thoughts, it is too late to control the car of motorbike.

2. Use of Mobile Phones

This is the main cause of distraction while driving. People use phones in the car or on a motorbike while plying. When you are driving your vehicle if suddenly you hear mobile ringing then you rush to pick up and distracted. It might lead to an accident.

3. Smoking

Smoking is another cause of distraction. When you are driving and smoking side by side can divert your attention and you may meet with any type of causality.

4. Moving Objects or Insects

Sometimes moving an object and insect can cause distraction. Moving objects normally found on the front windshield (front glass) of your vehicle while driving. This could move your attention.

5. Adjust Devices while Driving

Another reason for distraction is adjusting things like the seat-belt and mirror while driving. Adjust them well before you start and avoid during driving.

6. Use of GPS

GPS is one of the causes of distracted driving. If you are using GPS while driving, you need to watch track on the screen from time to time. This is diverting your attention and may cause you are to cost of life sometime.

7. Drinking and Eating

So many people keep eating and drinking while driving. They should avoid these things especially at the time of driving.

8. Outside Scenery

This is another reason for distraction. Nature normally attracts our attention. we should avoid this while driving. Better, stop the vehicle on the roadside and take a glance at it.

9. Talking to Passengers

Another reason for distraction is the passengers sitting in your vehicle especially on the seat beside the driver. They keep taking with driver and diverting his/her attention from driving. Avoid this during the drive.

10. Pet Dogs

Pet dogs are also the reason for distraction. Sometimes they suddenly bark, move in the car and create havoc. Handle them properly right before you drive.

11. Applying Makeup

This is another cause of distraction, especially for the ladies. Some of them, not all, apply makeup things while driving. It means you holding the steering with one hand and lipstick in another and eyes on the mirror. You are distracted completely.

Thus, there are various sources of distracted driving and we should avoid them while driving.

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