driving tips at night

Driving Tips at Night Time

Driving at night is a bit different than driving in the day time. Roads and other things look still the same but due to darkness on both sides of roads visibility not the same as day time. Also, drivers cannot see far away on road at night. The surface of roads also looks different during the night. Motorbike Driving School presents some of the best safety driving tips at night.

What is Driving Tips at Night?

1. Dim Vehicles Dashboard Lights

During night time dim the light of your vehicle’s dashboard as it affects the vision of your eyes. Sometimes you cannot see properly the vehicle coming from the front. In the darkness, the pupils of our eyes expand and shrink in light. So, possibly dim the light of car or motorcycles’ dashboard.

2. Keep Eyes Straight on Road

During night time always aims at the road. Don’t distract your mind and engage in talking with the persons sitting with you. Sometimes, the wild animal suddenly comes at the road and you need to use brakes at once. Therefore, always focus on driving.

3. Keep Windshield Clean

Before you start and during driving keep cleaning the windshield. Give some shower on glass and clean it with rain-wiper. In foggy nights, use heater of a car to make wasps finish.

4. Avoid Glasses at Night

Never wear glasses that hinder your eyesight. Make sure you can see objects clearly in case you wearing. Better use helmet than glasses while driving a motorbike. And avoid glasses if driving a car.

5. Don’t Watch Oncoming Lights

Try to avoid watching oncoming lights (traffic light signals) in front of you on roads. If you see them for some time you cannot see objects properly. You feel some blurred vision.

6. Sleep Well before Night Drive

Sleep at least 6 to 7 hours before you drive at night. No drowsy while driving both day and night time. It is dangerous.

7. Keep Headlights on Low Beam

Driving at night you should keep headlights at low beam. The high beam can make blink front driver for a while. This is one of the reasons for accidents at night.

8. Get Eyes Checked Time to Time

Maintain the health of your eyes in good condition. Visit doctor time to time for eyes checkups. Never drive if you have nearsightedness (myopia). In this problem, the person cannot see far objects clearly.

9. Avoid Over-speeding at Night

Don’t drive fast at night as you need to slow down near junctions and turning points. At these points, vehicles crossroads on all sides. Always drive at balanced speed during the night.

10. Keep Distance from Front Vehicles

Always drive maintaining distance from front vehicles. The best distance is 15 feet to 20 feet. Sometimes, we need to stop vehicles suddenly, if have distance it is possible. If not, an accident might take place.

Finally, always drive carefully at night, and avoid driving mistakes. Driving at night is a bit different than day time. Drive safely both day and night time.

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