reasons for driving test failure

Reasons for Driving Test Failure

The driving test is the last step before getting a driving license. It is neither tough nor easy. The exam requires strategy and practice. Even after all this some of the students fail in the driving test. There are many reasons for driving test failure. A minor mistake can lead to less scope and then fail. Let’s know the reasons for failure in the driving test.

What are the Reasons for Driving Test Failure?

1. Improper Sitting Position

Your sitting position should be proper both in the car and on a motorbike. If the position is not comfortable and proper you cannot drive properly. You cannot see all the traffic signals and lead to a mistake. Sit in the way you can see all sides, mirrors, and signals appropriately.

2. Wrongly Control of Handle/Steering

Another reason for failure is an improper use of handle and steering. Some of the drivers hold steering cross-hands. This is not good. Some keep one hand on the steering and another one on the gear lever. By doing this you cannot move the vehicle at a turning point. Hold handle and steering with both hands without crossing them.

3. Frequently Watching Mirror

Watching mirror, again and again, distracts your attention. This can lead to driving mistakes. Some students while driving test keeps moving their eyes on all the three mirrors. It is another cause of failure. Avoid this and keep the focus on roads ahead. You can timely towards mirror if required.

4. High Speed of Vehicles

Driving with high speed causes a driving mistake. You could detract the vehicle. A driving test is an exam of your driving skills with patience. The normal speed should be around 25 to 30.

5. Lack of Confidence

Nervousness and lack of confidence make you a bit uneasy. In this condition, you might commit mistakes. So, remain calm while appearing in the driving test. Practice well before taking the test.

Both Minor and Major Reasons are Behind Failure

6. Not Enough Driving Practice

Some of driving license seekers appear in the test without proper training and classes. They can think they can pass it easily. They are wrong. The test is not a kids’ game. My suggestion to you is going to see the driving track on day advance before the test day.

7. Not Following Traffic Rules

Many students do mistakes during the driving test. They are not following traffic rules and signals and not showing on turning points. They are not stopping at the junction while the red light is on. Drivers should always follow all traffic rules and regulations. Think you are driving on roads in an actual way.

8. Touching Feet on Ground

This is a major mistake motorist do while driving test. They touch feet with ground, especially on turns and hairpin bends. This shows they are not efficient enough to balance on turning points. They need more and more practice.

9. Failure in Q&A Session

A few students fail in question and answer session. For example, in Chandigarh, Students need to reply correctly 5 to 7 questions after clearing the driving test. If not, they may not pass in a driving test for a license. So, you need to prepare traffic questions and answers along with driving skills.

10. Wrongly Reverse Parking

During the driving test, students require to show skills for reversing vehicles. They need to reverse car without touching lines and nearby standing objects. Many students move rear wheels on drawn-lines and hit objects. They need enough practice in the parking place. Practice all reverse parking, forward parking, parallel parking, etc.

Thus, there are many reasons for being failed in the driving test. Obey all traffic rules and signals. Practice well before appearing in a driving test. Be calm, confident and patient thoroughly.

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