driving tips for automatic cars

Driving Tips for Automatic Cars

Automatic transmission car and care with gear work on the same mechanism. The main difference is of gear. Automatic cars have auto transmission after putting gear. Driver does not require to shift gears as in cars with gear. Automatic cars simply look easy to drive. Once you put the gear, just handle brake and clutch. It has also reverse gear. Drives used to cars with gear find a bit different when the driving automatic car. They need practice for some time. Motorbike Driving School presents some of the basic driving tips for automatic cars.

What are the Driving Tips for Automatic Cars?

1. Know Gear Levers

Normally there are some of the letters like PRNDL. P – Parking, R – Reverse, N – Neutral, D – Drive, and L – Low modes. Use all signs and Letters properly. For parking set the gear lever on latter P. For reversing car use letter R. Put gear lever at N after you stop the car. D-mode is for driving. If you want to drive a car at low speed, use a lever on the letter L. You may find some of the differences in gear letters depending on different automobile companies.

2. Mild Throttle Pressure First

This is very important for the health of the car engine and parts. After you start the car don’t speed up it. Increase speed slowly-slowly.

3. Stop Completely before Changing Direction

It means to stop the car completely before changing direction. From drive mode to reverse mode first stop the car and then put in reverse mode. By doing this you protecting car’s clutch and brake parts.

Driving Tips and Regular Practice Require

4. Don’t Use Neutral at Light Points

At junctions and light points don’t use neutral mode. By doing this, the torque converter will stop the drive of the engine to the transmission. It results in putting pressure on moving parts and could damage them.

5. Use Kick-Down for Overtaking

At the time of overtaking another car, you need extra speed. Use ‘kick-down’ feature in the automatic car. This action provides car enough acceleration for overtaking.

6. Parking and Use of Handbrake

After you stop the car, use both parking and handbrake. If you use only parking mode, rear wheels of a car are free. Using handbrake will lock the rear wheel.

7. Practice Well

The most important thing is practice well for some months. As time passes you will get experience and use to an automatic car. For this, you can join a driving school and driving lesson.

So, with these driving tips, you can handle an automatic transmission car. Drivers need enough practice to gain efficiency.

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