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Driving License in Chandigarh and its Process

Driving License is a legal document for driving and issued by the apex issuing authority. It has a limited time period and requires renewal after certain years. Driving License in Chandigarh has a process starting from learning driving to getting a regular driving license.

Driving License Process in Chandigarh

Step 1: Learn Driving

Candidates need to learn driving from either private or government driving school. There are many driving schools in Chandigarh providing teaching for driving classes. Motorbike Driving School is a specialized two-wheeler driving school in Chandigarh. The driving course takes 7 to 10 days for two-wheeler and 10 to 15 days for a four-wheeler. Driving school fees vary from school to school depending on the quality of services they provide. On average, the fees both for two and four-wheelers are ranging from Rs.3000 to Rs.3500.

Step 2: Apply for Learners License

After you learn driving and able to handle your vehicles in public places, it’s time to apply for learner license. You need to apply either by online or offline on the official website of UT Transport Department. There is a process of applying for learning license. At this stage, there is a computer test on traffic rules and regulations.

Step 3: Apply for Regular License

After you passed and got your learner license, you are eligible for a regular license after one-month time. Here is also a process for applying. At this level, you need to show them practical driving skills (drive the vehicle in front of them). There is a special track for driving in Sector 23, Children Park. The track is a replica of real traffic rules and roads.

If you clear the test, you will be asked to visit the RLA office with a pass slip. After all the official formalities are completed, the driving license will be dispatched to the given address. You will normally receive it after 7 to 10 days either by post or by hand.

Thus, this is the process of applying for a license in Chandigarh, both learners and regular.

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