chandigarh driving license test

Chandigarh Driving License Test

Driving License is a legal proof for allowing people to drive their vehicles. It means they know traffic rules and regulations. The authority issues a license after attaining the age of 18 years in India. Besides this, the minimum age for applying Learners License is 16 years (for gearless below 50CC engine).

Therefore, obtaining a license is not an easy job. You need to go through various processes starting from learning vehicles to get Regular Driving License. Learn many facts about the Chandigarh driving license test.

Chandigarh Driving License Test and Facts

Above all, the following are some of the basic facts:

1. Candidates can apply online and offline for driving license in Chandigarh. In this case, they can visit the official RLA website and follow the instructions given there.

2. Students can book an appointment both online or offline for file submission or for visiting RLA Office.

3. Students after attaining the age of 18 years can apply for first learners license.  And after the one-month gap, they are eligible for a regular license process.

4. Candidates require to appear in two tests namely Computer Test for Learners and Drive Test for Regulars one.

5. The Computer Test consists of approximately 20 to 25 questions based on various traffic rules and signals. Thus, candidates are probably to correct 17 to 20 questions out of all.

6. The cumulative fees (Rs. 950/-) of Learners and Regular is for Single Class of Vehicle. And there is Rs.450/- additional fee per extra class of vehicle.

7. Subsequently, candidates need to appear in the driving test for the regular license in the Children Traffic Park, Sector 23, Chandigarh.

8. The track for the driving test is specially designed to test your driving skills. Therefore, you should be well aware of various traffic rules. In brief, the track is a replica of actual roads and signs.

9. Generally, after you have appeared in the driving test for a regular license, Instructor will ask you five to seven questions face to face.

10. Chandigarh Driving License has a validity of 20 years from the very date of issuing. And the validity of Learners License is 6 months.

11. If any candidate is failed in a regular driving test. Afterward, he/she can reappear after some certain days as told you by the concerned authority.

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