winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winter season gives cool experience. Drivers need to be more careful. In the winter season the storms, bad weather, and sloppy road conditions are common. That’s why driving in cool-season is frightening and dangerous for travelers. So many accidents happen in this season due to these severe cool conditions. The following are some of the winter driving tips.

What is Winter Driving Tips?

1. Exam Vehicle Properly Before Move

Check the vehicles before driving it. Make sure all the parts are working well. Normally, the vehicle engine becomes cool over the night. It may take some more times to start. Examine all the necessary things which are required during travel.

2. Never Warm-up the Vehicle in Garage

Another noteworthy point is not to the warm-up of a vehicle in a closed garage. The engine emits carbon monoxide gas in the absence of oxygen. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas and could kill people around. So, never do this in an enclosed garage.

3. Drive Slowly and Carefully

During winter season roads are slippery and snowy. Drive slowly using both hands on the steering wheel. Before turning the vehicle make sure the way is clear and safe. know tips for bad weathers driving.

4. Don’t Speed Up and Down at Once

This is one of the causes of winter accidents. Drivers can lose control of the vehicles in over-speed. And if speed down at once, the vehicles following you can ram into. Don’t commit driving mistakes.

5. Not to Stop Vehicle Driving Uphill

Be careful while driving uphill. Don’t stop the vehicle on the road while moving upward. The vehicles either drag behind or come back. Sometimes, it can turn turtle the vehicle.

6. Keep Following-distance Larger

In fogy or winter season, drivers should maintain at least 10 to 15 feet from front vehicles. This could give drivers enough time in case they want to stop.

7. Stay Connected with Others

This is general rules, stay connected while you away from home with your friends. Keep all emergency numbers at hand while on the go. Sometime you might stick in snow roads.

Thus, always follow driving rules and traffic signals.

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