give way to emergency vehicles

Give Way to Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles are any type of vehicles used to help peoples in an emergency situation. It consists of serious patients, fire in the building, etc. Emergency vehicles are a police car, police motorcycle, SWAT vehicle, police bicycle, park ranger vehicle, and ambulance vehicles. Everyone should give ways to these vehicles whenever approached. The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 has a provision of fine and punishment for blocking the way of emergency vehicles. Hence, let’s know how to give way to emergency vehicles.

How to Give Way to Emergency Vehicles?

1. Go Left Safely If Emergency Vehicles Approach

All drivers should give way to any type of emergency vehicles. They could be two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and even helicopters. When these vehicles approach, drivers should move safely to the left side and let the vehicle pass quickly.

2. Don’t Speed-up after Hearing Siren

Whenever emergency vehicles come, they blow horn loudly. Drivers should not panic or speed up. Don’t do this, rather check your side mirrors and move accordingly. If there is an emergency vehicle coming then move to left and let it go.

3. Emergency Vehicles Need to Reach Location Fast

Emergency means the vehicles need to reach at the location sooner than later. For example, an ambulance carrying a serious patient must reach at the hospital before being too late. If not, the patient could die. So, this is the reason; we all should give way to any type of emergency vehicle.

4. Not Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles is an Offence

The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 states that blocking the way of the emergency vehicles is punishable. The offender is subjected to pay a fine of Rs.10000/-. That’s why all drivers should obey and respect traffic signals and rules.

Thus, all the vehicles’ owners should follow the laws of the land. They should think the lives and property of all people are equally important. Emergency vehicles protect us from man-made disasters and natural calamities.

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