driving tips in hilly areas

Driving Tips for Hilly Areas

Driving Tips for Hilly Areas, Uphill or Downhill Driving

Driving on a flat is different than driving in the hilly area. Both have different approach and skills. We have seen that some of the drivers from plat areas cannot drive properly in hilly areas due to topography.

Every year so many people lost their lives due to manual or natural reason in hilly areas. We have read in news the buses falling in gorges in the Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and other mountainous regions.

Safety Tips for Driving in Hilly Areas

There may so many tips of driving in hilly areas. Some of them are as follows:

1. Examine your motorbike, car or vehicle properly right before starting your journey for hilly areas. Make sure the vehicle working smoothly such as brake, clutch, and accelerator, etc.

2. Don’t overload the vehicle

3. Don’t talk while driving in hilly areas because this can distract the driver mind and attention

4. Go downhill slowly, the vehicle should not be fast.

5. While climbing uphill, don’t over speed your car/bike. Drive daytime in hilly areas if you could do so.

6. Don’t watch natural scenery while driving, this can divide your attention

7. Always give way (traffic signs) to the vehicles going uphill

8. Move or use break carefully when you are near Ghat Roads.

9. Never cross your lane in hilly areas. In mountains, the roads are narrow and at so many places they are one-way.

10. When you see heavy traffic, always move back to back. Don’t try to overtake any of the vehicles.

11. Always turn on parking light/fog light/hand break when to want to stop your vehicle on roadsides.

12. Use indicators properly both day time and night time.

13. Keep traffic police or emergency numbers at hand.

14. Keep your vehicle a bit towards the mountainside.

15. In rainy reason, drive your car or bike very carefully. During rain, the roads are more slippery, so the chances of slipping tire are more than normal.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned some of the drivers from the flat areas could not drive properly in hilly areas due to topography. I’ll share this aticle with my sister, who will drive improvement courses for her driver’s exam. Thanks.

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