safe driving tips in rain

Safe Driving Tips in Rain

Driving in rainy season requires more attention than in dry season. Because the changes of slipping tires are more than normal due to watery and oily surface of the road. Drivers need to follow all traffic rules patiently. No hurry, no rash driving. Be careful while passing through waterlogged areas. Both two and four-wheelers should ply in an amicable manner. The following are some safe driving tips in rain.

Safe Driving Tips in Rain

1. Drive Slowly

During raining, drivers should drive slowly and slow down before approaching any roundabout or junction. Don’t drive fast while rainfall. It could be risky both for you and others on the road.

2. Don’t Drive Through Standing Water

Never go through the standing water. Because drivers cannot judge the depth of water. Some more it throws the water on another vehicle’s window.

3. Follow the Front Moving Vehicle

A good strategy in rain is to follow the front moving vehicle keeping a certain distance. First front vehicle clears the way for you. And if waterlogged areas then vehicle throws water aside and make the way clear.

4. Keep Following-distance Larger

Keep 10 to 15 feet distance normally while following any vehicle in raining. This could give you enough time and space to stop. If you drive very close then sometimes the vehicle might hit another.

5. Handle Steering-wheel with Both Hands

In rain, the tires of the vehicle are a bit free flow. Drivers need to make grip on steering wheel using both hands. Then they can handle vehicle smartly.

6. Use Windshield Wipers Often

Put windshield wipers on the auto mode in raining. It will continuously clean the windshield. So, drivers can see the road and far away from vehicles clearly.

7. Defog Your Windows

While driving during rain car windows is closed. Then sometimes, there is moisture on the glass inside. Drivers need to defog it by using either a blower or heater.

8. Stop Vehicle if Stormy Condition

In the rainy season, the possibility of storm or thunder is normal. Stop your vehicle on the roadside if you see a storm about to come. Don’t risk your life driving in bad weather.

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned driving tips are some of the best advice for safe driving in rainy conditions. Always follow traffic rules either dry or rainy weather

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