google maps driving directions

Google Maps Driving Directions

Google Maps is one of the legendary features of Google. Many people use google maps directions every day throughout the world. They can use this feature for public transit, driving, riding, biking, walking, or for improving general knowledge. Google provides both terrain and satellite maps for general use. After you search map direction on google, it shows more than one option. The blue one is the shortest distance route and nearby routes in grey. Google maps application is available on all app stores. In addition to it, people should use google maps driving directions consciously. Remain aware of nearby surroundings and local guides. for remaining on the right track.

Google Maps Driving Directions

Benefits of Google Maps:

1. Available on All App Stores

Google Maps app is available for almost all operating systems (OS). So, people can download the app from respective app stores. After that install and use it.

2. Search Multiple Locations

We can add multiple locations at one time. Search the starting place and the destination point. Find search results and move accordingly.

3. Customize the Route

Another feature and benefit of google maps are the customizations. After the search, it gives us more than one route. To begin with, select the shortest one and suitable for you.

4. Helpful in Hilly Areas

The app is very helpful while driving in the mountainous regions. In hilly typography, the routes are not straight. The roads are zig-zags and invisible. Thus, remember to use a local guide for better results.

5. Improve Surface Knowledge

It improves the general knowledge about the surface of the earth. Google Maps includes features like the name of cities, buildings, temples, roads, and other geographical locations and points. Hence, anyone including school children can get benefit from it.

6. Share Directions with Friends

Another way of using google maps is to share it with friends and relatives. You can share the meeting destination amongst your circle. They can reach the venue with map sharing features.

7. 3D Maps

In some of the selected cities, Google has provided 3D maps for directions. Some to names are Munich, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Luxembourg, etc. The maps are very candid and after zooming can see standing buildings. But this feature is not available to all countries.

Be Conscious while using Google Maps

People should keep in mind the following points while using the app. They must use local guides for better results.

  • Searches for directions are not available in the regions.
  • Directions for flight searches or public transit are not available.
  • The app does not cover all cities for directions.
  • Sometimes poor internet connections cause wrong google maps directions.
  • Be careful while changing driving routes after a google search. Sometimes, it can take you on the wrong route, if drag and drop wrongly. You should know the driving tips for the highway.


Above all, despite some hiccups, the google maps directions are beneficial to millions of people every day. They use it for various types of travel directions. 3D maps are more attractive and clearer to see things around. But the feature is not available to all the cities. In brief, use google maps with local guidelines for better response.

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