how to curb honking

How to Curb Honking?

Honking or blow horn is a trend to drag the intention of other drivers on roads while driving. They use horn either before overtaking or while someone crossing the road or someone comes suddenly in front, etc. Although it is a part of the traffic signal yet it becomes a headache if used more than required. So many drivers are habitual of mindless honking. As a result, it increases noise pollution and the cause of distracted driving. Let us know how to curb honking.

How to Curb Honking?

1. Hold Awareness Program on No Honking

Traffic police should hold ‘No Honking’ awareness programs from time to time. Many drivers blow horn due to unawareness of the effects of noise pollution. Teach them how noise causes hypertension, sleep disturbances, headache, high-stress levels, hearing loss, and damage physiological health.

2. An initiative from the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry should come forward to help with curbing noise pollution. Basically, they are making horns and installing them in two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Companies should design horns which have features like less decibel volume, lasts for 3 seconds in one go, total numbers of horn usage a day.

3. Be Strict on Habitual Honkers

Habitual Honkers should be dealt with strictly. The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 is such an example of heavy fines for traffic violators.

4. Follow Traffic Rules

No Honking is one of the traffic rules and signals. Blowing horns unnecessarily does not come under traffic rules. If you follow all traffic rules, drivers need horn rarely.

5. Ban All Motorbikes with Manipulated Silencers

Many people altered the silencers of their motorbikes for looking different and dragging attentions. Besides this, they blow multiple sounds and a big reason for distracted driving.

6. Install Sound Cameras on Roads

Another way of curbing noise pollution is to install sound cameras at main points. By doing this, traffic police can know violators and take action accordingly. Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are already taken steps in this regard.

Thus, after following the aforesaid points, traffic police can curb honking. In this good deed, we all should help as well. Therefore. the general public should follow traffic rules necessarily. Say goodbye to honking.

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