pros and cons of drum brakes

Pros and Cons of Drum Brakes

The drum brake is a stopping device in vehicles. It works on a mechanism based on friction against moving wheel. Conventionally most of the vehicles use drum brakes. There are many types of brakes such as rim brake, disc brake, and drum brake, mechanical brake, hydraulic brake, electric brake, and air brake and vacuum brake. Here we are talking about the drum brake system. Drum brake has both good and bad points. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of drum brakes.

What are the Pros and Cons of Drum Brakes?

Advantages of Drum Brakes:

1. Less Expensive

Drum brakes are less expensive and people can buy it normally. They are not as costly as disc brakes. Automobile companies have been using a drum brake system since so long even in present times.

2. Normal to Maintain

The maintenance cost of drum brakes is within the limits. Both car and motorbike drivers can afford the purchasing and maintenance cost. Drum brakes are cheaper than disc brakes.

3. Good to Use in Heavy Duty Trucks

Drum brakes work well in heavy-duty trucks and buses. We see normally see drum brakes in roadways buses, heavy-duty trucks, etc. They are working very well. 

Disadvantages of Drum Brakes:

1. Water and Moister Issue in Rainy Reason

Despite the benefits of drum brakes, there are some of the disadvantages. During rainy reason, the stopping efficiency of drum brakes decreases due to moisture and sometimes water entered into a drum.

2. Fast Erosion of Brakes

Another weak point of drum brake is the erosion in hilly areas. Due to up and down topography of roads in mountain drivers use brakes frequently, especially downhill driving.

3. Heating up Problem

Drum brakes heat up faster due to placed inside a closed drum. There is no ventilation. After using again and again they become hot. Then it reduces the stopping power of brakes.

In conclusion, drum brakes to deserve an important place in the automobile industry. Although there are new braking systems (e.g. disc brakes) in the market, yet the drum brakes still being used. Some of the automobile companies are investing in innovating drum brake system. Drum brakes have their own importance.

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  1. How helpful that you talk about drum brakes and how they heat up. My husband and I are thinking of starting a new business this summer. We will find a great brake company for this actually as well.

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