importance of side mirrors

Importance of Side Mirrors

The side mirror is an important device for observing objects both from sides and behind. All motorbikes, cars and other vehicles have side mirrors. They are very crucial for smooth driving. Drivers can judge both side traffic coming from behind in these mirrors. As per traffic annual data, many accidents happen due to malfunctioning and not observing mirrors at the proper time. So many bikers only use one right side mirror. They remove the left one. They think only one is enough but that is wrong. According to the latest traffic provisions (The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019), both left and right mirrors on two-wheelers and left, right and center mirrors in cars are necessary. Let’s see the importance of side mirrors for drivers.

What is the Importance of Side Mirrors?

1. While Changing Lanes

Every vehicle needs to change lane while moving on the road. The cause of changing lane is either to turn left or right or stop on roads, give space to the traffic coming from behind, etc. Before you change lane while moving on the road, first check traffic in the left or right mirror. Then turn accordingly. Without this, you can either hit another vehicle or another vehicle could hit yours.

2. Use During Overtaking

Mirrors are essentials during overtaking another car, motorcycle or any vehicle. Suppose you are driving on the road and want to overtake the front vehicle. First, watch the rear traffic in right side mirror (in India) and then if the way is clear go ahead and overtake. Never overtake if the way is not clear.

3. During Parking Vehicles

Another smart use of mirrors is while parking the vehicle. Without mirror reversing your car is not possible. For proper and exact parking at the right spot, mirrors are necessary.

Vehicle Mirrors: Left, Right, and Central

4. Use of Mirror if Stuck in Heavy Traffic

Sometimes vehicles stuck in traffic due to heavy rush and traffic jam. In this situation, mirrors are very helpful to move forward by protecting your vehicle from rubbing both sides against the vehicle near to yours.

5. For Judging both Sides

Normally everyone uses mirrors while driving two-wheelers and four-wheelers. They are used at turning points, roundabouts, U-turns, moving left or right on roads.

6. To View Traffic from Behind

Another use of the mirror is to watch the traffic coming from behind. Here center mirror is main role player along with side mirrors. We use the center mirror for watching traffic right behind us. Sometimes heavy-duty trucks are approaching us then we need to give them space to go ahead.

Finally, it can be stated that all the mirrors are necessary for driving. They include two side mirrors and one central one. Two-wheelers consist of two mirrors i.e. left and right ones. Four wheelers comprise three mirrors i.e. left, right and center ones. Always follow traffic rules and traffic signals. So, drive safely and let others drive safely as well.

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