how to solve traffic jams

How to Solve Traffic Jams?

Everyone knows about traffic jams. Everyday drivers spend many hours in it. Jams waste both the time and fuels at the same time. Besides this, they are very tiring and exhausting. No one likes traffic jams. So, how to deal with this bitter truth. There are many reasons for it. With the growth of the population, the number of vehicles is also increasing. Almost every family has vehicles. The following are some of the steps that how to solve traffic jams.

Causes of Traffic Jams

1. Road Accidents

2. A large Number of Buses and Trucks on Roads

3. Lack of Driving Skills

4. Less Green-light Signal Time

5. Narrow Size of Roads

6. Population Growth

7. Potholes on the Road

8. Road Parking

9. Traffic Signals Working Problem

How to Solve Traffic Jams?

1. Widening Road Size

The government should widen the roads as per the load of traffic in certain areas. Compared to this, narrow roads cannot handle heavy traffic movement and lead to jams.

2. Increase Rail Freight Facilities

By increasing rail freight facilities, the burden on heavy-duty trucks will decrease. As a result, this will also reduce their numbers on roads and then fewer traffic jams.

3. Don’t Park Vehicle on Roads

People should not park vehicles anywhere other than parking lots. Furthermore, this is against traffic rules and fetches fines. Therefore, make sure the parking of the vehicle never makes congestion.

4. Proper Management of Roads

Ruined and potholes are another cause of traffic congestion. Vehicles cannot ply properly on these types of roads. The slow movement of vehicles causes road jams. Thus, roads should be managed well.

5. Making Separate Track for Cycles

Roadways authorities should make separate tracks for cycles along with roadside. Subsequently, it will reduce traffic on the main roads. This is also a safe way for cyclists at the same time.

6. Build Subways

There should be subways at some certain distance on roads. People can use it for crossing the left and right of the road. Consequently, it too diverts vehicles from the main road.

7. Follow Minimum Use Vehicle Trend

People should use vehicles at a minimum. It means vehicle-free roads. This looks a bit crazy but a prudent idea. Think if you can do work without using a car, so do it.

8. Public Participation

Last but not least, people’s participation is credible. Without help, all is in vain. In addition to this, there must a harmony among traffic rules and the general public. In short, follow defensive driving skills.


Thus, the following are some of the ways to reduce and solve traffic jams. Both people and the government should do their jobs smartly. To summarize, always follow traffic signs and rules for the well being of each other.

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