how to drive over potholes

How to Drive Over Potholes?

Potholes are the depressions on roads surface. They are caused due to the water seeping into the soil under the pavement. They are not good for smooth traffic movement. Sometimes, these potholes lead to fatal accidents. So, the main thing is how to drive over potholes? Drivers need to be careful while driving over these ditches. They may also deform the alignment of wheels. Not all the roads have potholes, but some of them have this problem regularly.

How to Drive Over Potholes?

1. Maintain Constant Low Speed

Drivers should keep vehicle speed slow and constant. Maintain suspension well, a low suspension could damage something inside. Before approaching potholes, hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands. Lose control of steering might move the vehicle in another lane.

2. Keep Suitable Distance to Spot Potholes

The following-distance should be 10 to 15 feet. So, the driver can know the potholes approaching ahead. If you know them before reaching, the speed could be reduced to the safety level.

3. Avoid Puddles of Water

Drivers should avoid puddles of water. They could be depressions or potholes. Sometimes, they are deeper than you desired. Sudden fall of the tire in it, could break the axle of a vehicle.

4. Keep Tire Pressure at Recommended Levels

This is most important for the overall performance of the vehicle. Always maintain tire pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. If not, it could spoil the rim-wheel and tube inside.

5. Drive Over Potholes Straight if Cannot Avoid

Sometimes, you driving with speed and suddenly pothole comes in front. Drive over the pothole straight if you cannot slow down or control the speed. Never try to turn vehicle left or right. It could be dangerous.

6. Report Potholes to the Concerned Authority

Last but not least, after you see any pothole on roads, inform the respective authority. You can click photo and send them. This is no compulsory but a moral duty being a citizen. Because these potholes could cause many accidents to innocent lives.

Finally, above-revealed driving tips are lifesaving. Follow them and save you along with other lives. Potholes need to be corrected immediately before they turned into a bigger ditch.

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