how to identify drunk drivers

How to Identify Drunk Drivers?

Drunk driving is always a risky way of driving. It is dangerous both for the driver and the others plying on roads. Despite many strict traffic laws, some people still driving after drinking. So, the main thing is how normal drivers could protect themselves from them. They should be smart enough to detect them. In addition to this, watch their behavior and ways of handling the vehicle. Besides this, the following are some of the tips that how to identify drunk drivers?

How to Identify Drunk Drivers?

1. Ignoring Traffic Signals

People can identify drunk drivers by their behave. They are not following traffic rules. They are not stopping at zebra-lines or junction light signals. As a result, they drive in a zig-zag way.

2. Red Eyes and Slurred Speech

Drunk drivers have red eyes. They speak in a slurred way and misbehave sometimes. They lose their temper quickly and ready to fight. Consequently, normal people should avoid them as far as they can do.

3. Smell of Alcohol

Another way of detecting drunk drivers is the smell of breath. It is very stench and strong in some cases. But in some of the case smell is not the criteria, as drinkers use mouth freshers.

4. Speed Up and Down Often

After consuming alcohol, drivers lost control of their senses. Subsequently, their hands and feet cannot work properly and lead to speed up and down. Hence, this causes traffic congestion and jams.

5. Changing Lanes Frequently

Drunk drivers behave in different ways. They think they are the king of roads. So, they change lanes often and cause problems for other vehicles.

6. Blood Alcohol Tests

This a modern and technical way of detecting drunk drivers. Only police personnel can apply this way to identify. They need a sample of a driver’s breath, blood or urine. But generally, breath is the criterion. They put some sort of machine in the mouth of suspected drivers. And after a few minutes, the result is out.

What Should Normal People Do?

Normal drivers should avoid drunk drivers after identifying. Never involve with them or start arguments. Rather they should inform the traffic police. People’s main duty is to protect themselves from any kind of accident with drunk drivers. Let them overtake and go away.

Thus, life safety is more important than anything else. Always follow traffic signals and rules. Say goodbye to drunk driving.

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  1. Drunk driving is an important reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from such reckless behavior. As a reader, I commend you for addressing this critical issue and raising awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence.

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