Defensive Driving

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive Driving Meaning

Defensive Driving is a type of driving where both drivers and other road users cautiously anticipate violation of traffic rules and road signs. In simple words, it is a way of driving in which we drive the vehicle with safe techniques. We protect us and others on roads whiles driving. This is we do to protect the loss of lives, money and time.

The safe driving way reduces the risk of collision as well. We should always drive by following the traffic rules and regulations. Never drive ruthlessly and recklessly, it can cost you life.

Defensive Driving Tips

Some of the defensive driving principles are as follows:

1. Adjust the speed of the vehicle before turn or bend

2. Be ready for all sorts of actions and reactions of others

3. Control the speed of the vehicle before light points

4. Always drive with speed limits displayed on roadsides

5. Drive safely as per weather and road conditions

6. Expect unexpected and keep patience

7. Never overtake the vehicle if not enough space

8. Always keep a safe distance from another vehicle

9. Respect and watch other drivers

10. Be alert and distraction-free

11. Use always protective equipment

12. What you do generally, not to expect the same from others

Defensive Driving Training

Motorbike Driving School in Chandigarh teaches defensive driving skills to learners while driving course. The aim of it is to make aware and teach driving skills to him/her. Life is so important, even more than anything else. We teach students about all the defensive skills remaining in the arena of traffic rules and regulations. Starting classes take place in the ground to clear basic of driving and get some practice before driving on busy roads.

Thus, defensive driving is one of the parts of a normal driving course. It may be that at certain places or driving schools, it is taught as a separate course. But Motorbike Driving School included this part in its general driving course. Drive and let drive others safely.

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