how to reduce air pollution

How to Reduce Air Pollution?

Air pollution is dangerous to all living creatures on this planet. It comes from various sources both man-made and to some extent naturally. Due to the industrial revolution, a new age of machines stated. Then, it converted into a need of human beings over the year. The main source of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. This includes mainly coal, petrol, diesel, and natural gas. They emit carbon dioxide (CO2) after burning. So, the biggest question and challenge before a human being is how to reduce air pollution?

How to Reduce Air Pollution?

This is a collective effort of all human beings to keep our planet safe for us and the coming generations as well. Follow the following steps to reduce air pollution.

1. Apply water-based paints while white-washing buildings. Other non-water ones emit stench gases and pollutants in the air.

2. For long trips, use public transportation. This is a good option for long journeys. Because driving on long trips is always tiring. It also reduces vehicle numbers plying on roads. So, this simple, less vehicle less pollution.

3. Stop burning dry leaves, polythene, or any other material. Never put on fire these things. During winter it creates SMOG. It consists of smoke and fog and difficult for people to inhale.

4. Use cycle, bike or walk for work whenever possible. It saves money, pollution-free and a good way of an exercise.

5. Stop felling trees. Many countries are cutting trees and clearing land for agriculture due to the consumption demand of the growing population. This directly affects air quality. No tree, no air-cleaning work.

6. Use Air-conditioners at a minimum whenever possible. People can either fan or the combination of fan and air-con. It means first on air-con for some time, then use the fan.

7. Stop stubble burning. So many farmers burn waster material after harvesting crops. They burn it at the cost of lives. This creates a haze and smoky environment and difficult for breathing. This is more dangerous in the winter season after harvesting the paddy (rice) crop.

8. Plant as many trees as you can. They clear air regularly. Some of the trees give us oxygen 24 hours. The names are tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), pipal (Ficus religiosa), and neem (Azadirachta), etc.

What Should Motor Vehicles Follow?

1. Buy zero-emission vehicles (electric) or go for the lowest-polluting vehicle. Besides this, electric vehicles are pollution-free and environment-friendly.

2. Keep the tires of the vehicle inflated properly. If driving with less tire pressure, the vehicle will consume more fuel and emit half-burnt oil in the form of white smoke.

3. Reduce the frequency of your trips in a car or motorcycle. Only use a car and motorbike if normal commuting is not possible.

4. Select low-sulfur gasoline while fueling at the station. It reduces pollutants to some extent. Better the fuel, less pollution, and more mileage.

5. Turn off vehicle engines in long traffic jams and at traffic lights. Furthermore, avoid idling and reduce vehicle pollution.


Above all, human beings have the capability of doing and achieving anything in this world. We need to be pro-environment. All countries of the world should sit together and solve this problem before too late. Millions of people are being died due to air-borne diseases throughout the world.

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