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What are Good Driving Habits?

Good driving habits and behaviors are always life-saving skills while driving. Life is precious. We cannot compromise with it. Driving any type of vehicle is passion and desire. But never let this passion becomes a life-taker. Many people develop bad driving habits despite they know them. For example, texting is a bad habit. But sometimes texting to someone could save a life, if the person is in danger. Every year many accidents happen due to bad driving behaviors. Take a look at good driving habits.

What are Good Driving Habits?

1. Examine Vehicle before Driving – Check brakes, clutch, accelerator, tire pressure, carburetor, spark plug, etc.

2. Keep Necessary Things with You – Carry all the documents of the vehicle such as RC, insurance, pollution slip, driving license, etc.

3. Always Wear Seat-belt – Wear seat-belt before starting the vehicle. It provides you safety from sudden pushes.

4. Follow Speed Limits – Never cross speed limits. Always follow traffic signals and rules.

5. No Calling and Texting while Driving – Don’t use mobile phones while driving. It could be fatal for you.

6. Maintain Safe Following Distance – Keep 10 to 15 feet the following-distance from the front vehicle. As a result, you can stop vehicle as required.

7. No Drunk Driving – Don’t drive after driving wine or taking any drug. The mind does not work properly under intoxication.

8. No Drowsy Driving – Sleep well before driving. Normal adults need 6 to 7 hours of sound sleep.

9. Don’t Play Music while Driving – No music while driving. It is a source of distracted driving.

10. Use of Indicator Properly – Give indicators before turning points, on roundabouts, while overtaking, and as required.

11. Follow Defensive Driving – Drivers should adopt and follow defensive-driving skills. They are life-saving both for you and other drivers on roads.

12. No Honking – Never use vehicle horns unnecessarily. It is a cause of distraction and a source of noise pollution.

13. Never Jump Red-lights – Don’t jump red-lights or cross zebra lines. It could be dangerous for life. It is an offense in the Motor Vehicle (A) Act, 2019.

14. Keep Emergency Numbers at Hand – Keep all emergency number such as hospitals, ambulance, police station, traffic police, etc.

15. Respect and Obey Traffic Police Personnels – Obey traffic police standing at signal points or rush prone areas. Follow their traffic movement instructions.

Thus, follow driving rules and become a good driver.

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