ways to prevent texting and driving

Ways to Prevent Texting and Driving

Texting and driving are a risky habit of using devices while driving. It causes many accidents every year throughout the world. Although no one cannot stop peoples from using a mobile phone. Yet it is a moral duty of every government to take care of its peoples. We are staying in a welfare state. So, the tough question is how to balance texting, driving, and freedom of expression. At present many governments have made strict traffic rules. But the problem is still the same. Peoples are texting and driving despite its consequences. As per mature counsel, there should be a devised plan from government, drivers and car companies. Everyone obeys their own responsibilities. The following are ways to prevent texting and driving.

Ways to Prevent Texting and Driving

1. Strict Laws for Rule Breakers

This is an important step of respective governments to make tough traffic laws for violators. Simple laws lead to more disobedience. There should be heavy fines and punishment for offenders. In countries like the United States already has well planned and strict traffic laws. In India too implemented the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 in September.

2. Use of Eye-tracking Devices

Car-makers are stepping further and using eye-tracking devices for monitoring. Manufacturers are placing cameras in cockpits. It aims to alert the drivers about car speed if eyes averted too long. It will be beneficial for drivers to stay focused straight on the road. Volvo Cars makers have started to use these devices.

3. Install Driver-monitoring System

The monitoring system will work as a tracking and alerting device. It will send a message alert if the drivers’ eyelids droop or the attention diverts from the roads. Subaru Corporation and BMW AG are installing these features in the new vehicles.

4. Put Detection Software

Some other manufacturers are using different approaches i.e. detection software. The system uses sensors for detecting fatigue or inattention of drivers. It will also monitor the steering patterns of drivers and car drifts from the lane.

5. Traffic Rules Awareness Programs

Some people violate traffic rules due to unawareness. They do not know the rules and safety tips properly. Some due to personal habits have become rule-breakers. Therefore, the licensing authority should arrange community awareness programs. They should conduct driving safety rule demos at public places from time to time. The local authorities can hold these programs in collaboration with regional driving schools.

Is it a Risk to Privacy?

Some of the peoples are expressing concerns about it. They are saying this will publicize their personal life. In this way, car-makers and local authorities will collect data from these devices. For example, many accidents happen due to distracted driving, but people deny it to escape heavy fines. But life is more important than anything else even privacy.

Car companies are doing this to curb the dangers of accidents due to texting and driving. Think for a while we use surveillance cameras for home safety. This too records our private life. But it gives us 360° watch all the way. Every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Above all, the effort of car-makers, governments, and the public is crucial. They should work together. The general public should understand and obey the traffic rules. There should be zero tolerance for offenders. Drive safely and follow defensive driving skills.

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