driving tips for rural areas

Driving Tips for Rural Areas

All the big civilizations emerged from the rural or countryside environment. We all have roots somewhere in villages. Most of the roads in villages are not straight and organized. The roads have so many bends, turns, potholes, up and down surfaces. Some of the villages still have unmetalled roads. And they become very bad in rainy seasons. The continuous effort of governments in every country resulted in better road networks in villages. But there is still a risk and danger. All people don’t know the roads in rural areas or unknown places. Motorbike Driving School tells you some of the best driving tips for rural areas.

Driving Tips for Rural Areas

1. Keep Vehicle Speed Low

The best way is to keep vehicle speed in limits while driving on rural roads. The roads are single way and there is no dividing line. All the traffic is going and coming on the same road. Don’t drive rashly.

2. Follow Traffic Rules without Signals

Before driving on local roads, you should be ready to follow all traffic rules without any traffic signs and symbols. Also, many rural people do not know the traffic signs. Therefore, it is your duty to drive safely there.

3. Careful in Rainy Season

In some of the villages, the roads are still unmetalled or dirt-road. After rain-fall, roads become flooded and waterlogged. The vehicle can slip down on the farm. So, the best way is either to check the weather conditions of that area before driving in rain or follow local people’s transportation guides.

4. Drive Smartly as Manure on the Road

This looks strange but it is still a reality in some of the villages. You can see manure on the roadside there. Manure is slippery in texture and not good to drive on. Your vehicle may stick there. Thus, either avoid that road or make some ways first.

Risks and Causes of Jams

1. Risks of Hitting Wildlife

As rural people live in a village on big farms. There are many jungles around and full of wildlife. Normally these animals keep walking on roads both day and night time. Drivers should keep the vehicle’s light on and drive slowly. Avoid hitting Animals by mistake.

2. Road Jams due to Livestock

Rural people’s livelihood mostly depends on the agriculture sector or small-scale businesses. Livestock is one of them. People walk them on grazing lands using rural roads. As a result, there is no space left to drive. Drivers should blow the horn and wait patiently until the road is clear.

3. Farm Traffic and Machinery

Another source of traffic is farm machinery. It includes tractors, carrier jeeps, etc. Although it is a minor one yet sometimes causes traffic jams. Rural people keep plying with machinery the whole day and night time. Drivers should either let them space to go or wait till the tractor turns from the roads.


The best way is to drive slowly in rural areas. Remain up to date with the local weather conditions before you go there. Always follow traffic rules and regulations despite no signs and symbols on roads.

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