should teens be allowed to drive

Should Teens Be Allowed to Drive?

Teenagers are very curious about learning new things in life. They belong to the age group of 13 to 19 years. It seems they want to become perfect as soon as possible. They like to learn new things every day. But the most important question is, should they be allowed to drive. Some of the parents are in favor of it, and others against it. Basically, at this age, some teens are grown enough and they can be allowed to drive. On the other hand, some do not grow enough and not suitable for driving. This is because of the nature and personality of each person. See an analysis of “should teens be allowed to drive”?

Should Teens Be Allowed to Drive?

There are two opinions about it, which are as follows:

A. Peoples Who Say ‘Yes’

1. Enough Maturity at 16 Years

Some people say, teens at the age of 16 years are mature enough to drive. This is true but not all the teens are born with the same maturity skills. Some are lagging behind than others. For example, some children are more intelligent than others.

2. Give Them Chance to Learn

Another group of people says, they should try a chance to learn things in life. Driving is a big responsibility and duty. After learning in their teenage, they will understand the responsibilities.

3. Allow them to Become Independent

Being independent in life is a good thing. That’s why nowadays many parents giving their kids bigger responsibilities. They want them to be self-dependent at early times. Some people think teens at the age of 16 or 17 are mature enough to be independent.

B. Peoples Who Say ‘No’

1. 85% of Accidents Due to Teens

Most of the car crashes (85%) happen with teen drivers. They are involved in it, this or that way. They meet with accidents either due to lack of driving skills or casual driving, etc. That’s why, teens should not be allowed at an early age, possibility before 18 years.

2. Mentally Immature at 16 Years

This is true, all the teens do not grow at the same level. Even nature too differentiate in us. Some are clever at 12, and others are not. At the age of 16, they are not fully mature for driving like activity. If by mistake, they lost their lives in the accident, then what?

3. Lack of Driving Skills in Teens

Not only teens but also many people with a license do not follow driving rules. They disobey law at the risk of life. Some drive vehicles after drinking. Many teens drive vehicles on their own with driving school classes. That’s why they should not allow driving with proper guidance and driving learning.


Giving teens chances to drive is a good thing. But it is risky if they are driving without learning from a driving school. Subsequently, in some countries, teens can apply for a learner’s license at the age of 16 years. For a regular or permanent driving license, the age is 18 years. By that time, they will grow both mentally and physically. Finally, always drive with patience and obey traffic rules and regulations.

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