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Fuel Saving Tips and Tricks

We have limited sources of conventional fuel for cars and motorcycles. At one point in time, they will exhaust fully. We have limited reserves of petrol, gas, and diesel for our vehicles. The biggest question is how to save fuel while driving a car, motorbike, motorcycle, truck, etc. There are many reasons which boost your engine fuel consumption. But to some extent, we too are responsible for this. Every driver must learn fuel-saving tips and tricks.

What is Fuel Saving Tips?

1. Servicing Engines at Time

Keep your car or motorcycle servicing after a certain time possibility 3 or 4 months or as recommended by the vehicle agency. This will save extra consumption of fuel. For example, if your car/motorcycle has dark black oil in the engine this will decrease engine mileage and functionality.

2. Keep Proper Tires Pressure

Tires pressures is another factor you should keep at the recommended level. Keep checking time to time and maintain it. Fewer tires pressure increases the workload of the engine and more fuel consumption.

3. Switch Off Engine at Long Red-lights

If you are at red-light or lights point on any junction, off your vehicle and wait till green traffic signal. Best way to follow is igniting engine just 10 seconds before a red light turns green. Never burn fuel unnecessarily.

4. Never Overload the Vehicle

Never cross the load limit of a vehicle. Excessive load always leads to more engine working and results in extra fuel usage. For example, a motorbike is designed for one or two people at a time. Beyond this vehicle more fuel. Avoid this as far as you can.

5. Avoid Over Speeding

Over-speeding is another source of fuel consumption. Suppose you are driving car and motorbike 80 km/h or more than this. Obviously, the engine will burn more fuel. Avoid over speeding and drive at a smart speed and save fuel.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Use of Brakes

Some of the drivers use brakes unnecessarily and some keep hands or feet on the brake all the time. Using brake while driving put extra load on the engine and more fuel consumption. Keep off hands/feet from brakes.

7. Keep Windows Closed while Driving

Driving car with open windows leads to air pressure to enter inside. Then it pushes the car behind despite you driving forward. It increases the workload of the engine and more oil/gas burning. Keep car windows closed while driving and save fuel.

8. Not to Use Air-Con While Vehicle at Low Speed

If you using an air conditioning system while the car engine is at low speed and more load on the engine. At high-speed engine generates more power and not so much effect on fuel supply. The engine can meet the demand of air-con easily. The best way is off air-con while driving at low speed.

9. Avoid Speed Up and Down

Don’t drive a car or motorcycle at high or low speed at one. It means to speed up and down vehicles again and again. This is not good for an engine working system rather it consumes more fuel. So, drive speed up slowly-slowly and drive at smart speed.

10. Minimum Use of Vehicles

Last but not least, try to use vehicles at a minimum. It means don’t drive vehicles where you could walk on feet i.e. while fetching some of the things from near market. We have seen many people go walking/jogging using cars and motorcycles.

Thus, there are many tips and tricks to save fuel. We must use it judiciously and smartly as it is a conventional source of energy.

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