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Age and Driving Experiences

Age and driving both are correlated. Driving at a different age has different experiences. Normally, there are three types of driving i.e. teenage driving, adult driving, and old age driving. During the teenage time, it is a passion, during maturity it is a conscious and during old age it is a lost control on driving. With the advancement of age, the driving skills also become old due to loss of body stamina. All three types of stages are revealed in the following ways.

Age and Driving:

I. Teenager and Driving

Driving during the teenage years is a craze and passion. At this stage of life, teenagers remain so much willing to learn and drive. Driving seems a new experience for them. They should be very careful about traffic rules during this time. Due to lack of skills, many teenagers lost their lives in accidents. During this time, teenagers mostly prefer fancy and branded vehicles. They life sports bikes and sports cars. They must join driving classes for driving safety tips.

II. Adult and Driving

During this time, the man and woman are very conscious of the traffic rules and skills. They too have a passion for modern vehicles. But they give priority to the safety of life. They also lost lives in an accident due to driving mistakes.

III. Old-Age and Driving

This is the time when driving skills become eroded due to lack of physical stamina. So many old people do drive vehicles but they are prone to accidents. Sometimes, they cannot control the vehicle and ram it in another. The best suggestion for old people is to stop driving. There are many causes for it.

1. Not Proper eye-sight

2. Lack of body stamina

3. A dearth of quick response from the body

4. Slow Response of brain

5. Cannot walk properly

6. Hearing problems

7. Various Health problems in old age

Thus, driving during teenage, adult and old-time has different experiences. In teenage time risks are more due to their fancy imagination. During the adult time, the changes are less. But again, in old-time driving is risky. Whatever, always follow driving rules and regulations for the sake of overall good.

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