helmet rules for women in chandigarh

Helmet Rules for Women in Chandigarh

The helmet is a protective device for the head while riding any type of two-wheeler. Although it is necessary to wear all over India yet women lagged behind in this initiative. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 also emphasizes on wearing a helmet. In Chandigarh, a helmet made compulsory for women in 2018. But due to some unwillingness of people, it did not become a necessity. But after the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019 came into effect on 1st September 2019, now Chandigarh traffic police is issuing challan to women riders plying without a helmet. The following are some helmet rules for women in Chandigarh.

Helmet Rules for Women in Chandigarh

A. Why do women need to wear a helmet?

1. Women should wear a helmet for their own safety while driving. Head is the main part of the human body from where all the functions are controlled. A minor injury could faint you and deform for rest of the life. They should not think that wearing of a helmet is against their look. Most of the women motorists wear a helmet all over the world.

2. They should wear a helmet because it is a rule under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Breaking rule will lead you to the stipulated punishment and fines. The Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019 puts fine of Rs.1000/- and 3 months license disqualification on a person not wearing it while driving any two-wheelers.

3. A survey from PGIMER Chandigarh states that most of the head injury in accidents occurred due to not wearing a helmet or driving mistakes.

4. Sex equality is another reason for wearing an ISI mark helmet. Both man and woman should wear it without any second thought. People can buy helmets both by offline and online.

B. Who is exempted from a helmet?

According to the provision of Motor Act, 1988 helmet is compulsory. But in some special cases, the Act authorizes states to exempt. And such cases might be persons from Sikh community wearing turbans. But it doesn’t mean all are exempted. The Act says Sikhs who have adopted 5-Ks (Amritdhari Sikh) can be exempted. After all, drivers should wear safety equipment while driving.

C. Traffic Police Issuing Challan to Women sans Helmet

Chandigarh Traffic Police has started to issue challans to women riding without a helmet. They are doing so since the new Amendment Act 2019 came into effect on 1st September 2019.

Thus, life is more important than not wearing a helmet. People should not compromise with life just because of a helmet. Safety is safety and always follow safe driving tips.

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