why do people violate traffic rules

Why Do People Violate Traffic Rules?

People violate traffic rules everywhere in the world. There are some personal and non-personal reasons for it. Although life is more important than breaking traffic rules. Yet people still are violating the rules. Not following rules is always risky both for the drivers and the others moving on roads. The following are some of the common reasons why do people violate traffic rules.

Why Do People Violate Traffic Rules?

1. Lack of Proper Education

The main reason for breaking traffic rules is the lack of traffic rules education in drivers. So many people drive on roads but they don’t have full knowledge. They do know but not all the rules.

2. The Dearth of Driving Skills

Some people are not trained in driving schools. They learn on their own, whatever. Only they know how to handle the steering wheel, press clutch, and brakes. Even they are not aware of basic driving tips.

3. Habitual Rule Breakers

Many drivers, especially young ones, break traffic rules. They think driving is fun and an act of impressing others. People under twenties have a showy mentality and not aware of the value of life. They think they can free after some adjustments with the cops.

4. Soft Traffic Laws and Fewer Punishments

If the rules are less strict and traffic fines are normal, there is more possibility of traffic rule violation. An example is a helmet. Simple one costs around Rs.300/-. If the fine is less than Rs.300, some people prefer to drive sans helmet. If the fine is Rs.1000/- then they will think thrice.

5. Hurry to Reach the Place

Some people are in a hurry to reach a location quickly. They are jumping junction light points. They knew the offense, but still committing driving mistakes.

6. Corruption

To some extent there is corruption also. People are released with some adjustments. These types of drivers become habitual rules breakers later.

7. Roads with No Cameras

Lack of proper facilities and roads without surveillance systems (CCTVs) are another reason. People think this an advantage and not following rules. All the main locations on roads should have proper vigilance facilities.

Thus, these are some of the causes of breaking traffic rules. They should be educated about traffic signs, rules, and laws.

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