pros and cons of airbags

Pros and Cons of Airbags

The airbag is important equipment on steering in a car. This is a life-saving device in a sudden push and an accident. People have different opinions about airbags. Some say they are life-saving and others say risky. Every device has both advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, there are pros and cons of airbags too.

What are the Pros and Cons of Airbags?

Advantages of Airbags:

1. Airbag protects you from a quick push if an accident happens. It stops your body from a quick hit against steering. It prevents your face from hitting on steering or car dashboard.

2. It protects you from serious spinal injury due to quick force.

3. This helps the driver from sudden ejection. Sometimes, in accident drivers are thrown out due to push force. It prevents your body from getting out.

4. Side airbags are similarly important as that of front airbags. They protect you, especially in rollover car accident cases.

5. Airbags protect your children from the quick force if an accident happens. Kids have soft and tender bones.

Disadvantages of Airbags:

1. Airbags are risky for women driving during pregnancy. Sudden push can hurt the baby inside.

2. They are very harmful to children due to their tender body stature. The sudden push could break their bones of chest, shoulders, arms, and face.

3. It is risky for pets if they are sitting on your thighs while driving. In some case, they might die due to push-force.

4. Another risk is to your chest in case you have a mobile phone in your chest pocket. By quick push, an airbag can break the electronic device and these metal parts might enter your body.

5. Some people keep water or wine bottle in between their legs while driving. During the accident (driving mistakes), these glass bottles break and give you injury.

Thus, airbags have both benefits and risks. We should always use airbags as they are life-saving devices in cars. Nowadays airbags are available for motorists as well. Minor disadvantages do not mean airbags are useless. Everything has a dark side. Keeping in mind its benefits we should use it and suggest people use this.

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