common causes of car fires

Common Causes of Car Fires

Cars are prone to fire the same as other vehicles. There are many reasons for this. Some are from the manufacturer side and others from the drivers’ side or electric malfunctioning. Always maintain your car properly so as it works smoothly and safely. Drivers must be well aware of traffic rules and vehicle protecting tips. Here we are discussing the common causes of car fires. It is a very dangerous thing ever happen during driving in life.

What are the Common Causes of Car Fires?

1. Overheating of Engines

The most common cause is the overheating of the car engine. This happens when you drive long without any stoppage. The continuous working of an engine makes its parts heat-up. This leads to burning nearby things and equipment. So, drivers should stop cars for some time during their long journey.

2. Accidents and Crashes

They are common causes of car fires. During accidents and crashes, the electric parts come in contact with the car body. And this possibly starts burning body and lead to gas/oil tank. This burst like a bomb and put the vehicle into flames. Drivers should drive carefully (driving tips) to avoid the mishappening.

3. Design of Cars

Manufacturer flaws are another reason for car fires. It comprises the design of car such as faulty batteries, leakage of a fuel tank, electrical issues, the position of fuel tank near to electric parts, etc. This could explode the entire car. Always buy vehicles from well record-maintained car companies.

4. Electrical Problems

This is one of the manufacturing defects. Sometimes electric wires and connections are loose and prone to fire. They result to fire inside the bonnet and interior roof of the car.

5. Leakage of Fuel

Without proper repair timely and checking of fuel leakage, cars are subjected to fires. Every year so many cases of car fires are from fuel leakage reasons. Sometimes, during accidents, other vehicle hits the fuel tank and leads to fire.

6. Smoking

Smoking in a car is another reason for car-fire. Sometimes, drivers use cigar and they put it on somewhere while talking. They engage in conversation and forget about lit-cigar. Some of the equipment catch fire so fast. So, careful while doing this. Preferably avoid smoking (driving mistakes) during driving.

7. Over-speeding

It is another cause of car fire. Over-speeding the car may catch fire on tires due to excessive friction heat. This fire may lead to other parts of the car and finally enter the main chamber.

Thus, there are many reasons for car fires. They are both from manufacturers and drivers’ side. Always careful about these things while driving the car. Use cars from best automobile companies.

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