prevent car from overheating

Prevent Car from Overheating

All engines become hot due to continuous work and friction. Both car and motorbike are prone to overheating. There are many reasons for this condition. Overheating is not good for engine life. You should not drive a car or motorcycle if it is overheated. As a result, heating could destroy important parts inside the engine. Sometimes, it might lead to disfunction of vehicles. Let’s know and discuss the causes and ways to prevent the car from overheating.

What are the Causes of Overheating?

1. Over-speeding Vehicles

2. Overload the Vehicles

3. Long-drive in Hot Weather

4. Negligence in Vehicles’ Maintenance

5. Disfunction of Coolant System

6. Low Level of Oil

How to Prevent Car from Overheating?

1. Park the Car under Shade

To begin with, after the car is overheated and stop it for half an hour and park it under shade. If you are driving in this condition many parts of the engine could ruin. First, let it cools down before you start again. Park under the trees if possible.

2. Keep Eyes on Temperature Gauge

Drivers should check temperature gauge while driving time to time especially during hot weather conditions. Consequently, during long driver or talking with persons sitting inside, drivers forget to check gauge. It results in overheating the car.

3. Stop and Lift Car Bonnet

Next, if the engine of a car is overheated, stop it and open the bonnet and let it cool. Don’t drive the vehicle in this condition. Overheating is one of the top causes of car fires. Although in modern cars the coolant system is very good but still be aware of it.

4. Check Coolant System Time to Time

Drivers should check the coolant system from time to time and make sure it is working well. Disfunction of coolant system directly leads to overheating of a car engine. During drive keep checking it after timely.

5. Never Overload the Car

Overloading the car is another reason for overheating. Overload leads to heavy work of the engine. It results that engine getting heated. So, drive your car according to its sitting capacity.

6. Turn Off Air-conditioning

Air-Con is another reason for overheating. Using air-con in summer season is normal but it put extra load on the engine. Simply, the engine becomes hot quickly. Hence, during drive follow the strategy of switch off and on time to time. It means don’t use continuously.

7. Avoid Long Drives During Summer

The chances of overheating car are more in the summer season than in winter. The car engine working and hot weather leads to overheating. Finally, drivers should avoid long drives during the summer. They should stop the vehicles from time to time.

Thus, there are many reasons for vehicle overheating. You can stop it by following the aforesaid ways to prevent the car from overheating. Every driver must know the vehicle protection tips.

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