pedestrian safety tips

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrians are the people who cross the roads at some points. They can be walking on roadsides, crossing zebra lines, moving on busy market roads, and somewhere at public places. Pedestrians are vulnerable to harm while crossing the roads. It is the duty of both drivers and pedestrians to move on roads carefully. They both should follow traffic rules and regulations. Furthermore, Motorbike Driving School suggests the following pedestrian safety tips.

What is Pedestrian Safety Tips?

1. Always Walk Left Side on Footpath

Pedestrians should walk on the left side of the roads (India). Walking on the left side giver them safety. Keep watching the activity of other vehicles on the road. Never walk on the wrong side.

2. Use Zebra Lines for Crossing Roads

Zebra Lines are designed and marked specially for pedestrian crossing. These lines are normally found either near roundabouts or light junctions. Don’t cross the roads at any desired point.

3. Wear Bright Garments

Wearing bright garments is beneficial for pedestrians at night time. As a result, other drivers of the vehicles can spot them easily due to bright clothes while crossing the roads.

4. Don’t Play on or near Roads

In cities, so many students and people play games on roads or near it. This is dangerous both for players and drivers. Many accidents happen due to driving mistakes. So, always use proper ground for playing.

5. Make Eye Contact with Driver before crossing Road

Peoples should make eye contact with drivers of the vehicles while crossing the road. This will let both pedestrian and driver to save each other.

6. Don’t Cross the Roads Using Mobile or headphones

Never use headphones and cell phones while crossing the road. It is against traffic rules and risky for lives. Using these things distract the attention and walkers forget the traffic. Don’t do this.

7. Never Cross Road under Drunk

After drinking people cannot control themselves. Even they cannot walk properly. Under drunk, their think power is at the lowest. They cannot even recognize where they are standing. Better call your family or friends for help.

8. Always Follow Traffic Rules

Last but not least, always follow traffic rules. Live and let live. Never break the rule of the land.

What is Noteworthy?

Both pedestrians and drivers can save themselves by following the above-mentioned points. They should always move on roads with patience and presence of mind. Breaking of traffic rules will fetch heavy fines and punishments. Besides this, for the details of fines and punishments read the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019.

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