common driving myths

Common Driving Myths

There are many myths and beliefs among driving community. Myths are drawn from the old bad things happened in their lives. Some people believe in these illogical faiths and some are not. Being an educated person, should we trust these myths? Whatever the reply is but people still have many common driving myths. In life, so many bad or good things occur. But it doesn’t mean all accidents happen due to bad luck. Human beings are also responsible for many man-driven mistakes. Despite all the realities, here are some of the driving myths.

What are Common Driving Myths?

1. I’m Afraid and Cannot Drive

The biggest driving myth is expressing driving inability even after learning driving classes. This is due to a lack of self-confidence. Although they know driving rules, yet have fears. Many students feel like this in starting but as they keep driving their fears left no more. Some say I cannot handle the weight of motorbike and it might fall down. All are myths.

Important: Don’t think like this and be self-confident.

2. Feeling Uneasy in Heavy Traffic

Some of the new drivers feel uneasy and lack of control when they approach a round-about or heavy traffic. This is just a myth and state of their mind. They have to have confidence and enough driving practices.

Important: Remain calm and confident while driving in traffic.

3. Eat and Drink While Driving

Although it is considered a myth yet it is a violation of traffic rules and risk to life. When you eating and driving while driving, obviously, your attention is being distracted. This could lead to an accident and any mishappening. You might do this as long as you think it is safe.

Important: Always follow traffic rules and regulations.

4. Keep Interior Light Off

Another myth is to keep interior lights off while driving. You could drive a car with interior lights on. This will not distract you. But if we talk about the logic behind keeping interior lights off is to enhance concentration on driving.

Important: The main focus should be on driving.

5. Warm-up Engine Before Start Driving

Many people do this before starting motorcycles and cars, etc. In winter it looks a bit fair but in summer totally myth. They think the engine will move in a good way if doing so. Reality is engine need not any warm-up before start driving.

Important: Be logical and scientific.

6. Men are Better Drivers Than Women

This is stupidity and myth as well. In this modern time, both male and female are equal and working together. Both are very good drivers. Women are driving cars and motorcycles efficiently.

Important: Practice well and anyone can become an efficient driver.

7. Can Cross by 10 km/h Speed Limits

This is an illogical myth. Some people think if they drive 10 km/h more the stipulated speed limits, maybe the cop/police will allow them. Many drivers break the rules of speed limits but the main thing is when they are noticed by cops/police. If they are captured police would issue them challan.

Important: Follow traffic rules and drive safely.

8. Change Oil Every 3000 Miles

This is an unsatisfactory myth. Some say this good to change the oil after every 3000 miles, and others say no need. Generally, the oil should be changed after driving 5000 to 10000 miles.

Important: Get your vehicles checked and change oil accordingly.

9. Premium Oil is Better Than Regular Oil

This is another myth. People think premium oil is better than regular oil. They think costly oil will give more mileages. To some extent, it is logical but not wholly. Buy oil from an authorized petrol pump and make sure no fuel adulteration.

Important: Buy oil from an authorized petrol pump.

10. Driving Barefoot is Illegal

Driving barefooted either a car or motorbike is a blind myth. You can drive any vehicles barefooted. But using the shoes while driving is an extra layer of protection.

Important: Use all safety measures while driving.

11. Big Vehicles Are Safer Than Smaller

This is another myth. People think big vehicles are safer than small ones. Maybe they feel safer in sitting big vehicles than on motorcycles. Simply both vehicles are safe if you drive carefully, and both not safe if driving carelessly.

Important: More important is to drive carefully.

All in all, it can be stated that common driving myths are some illogical beliefs and state of mind. We should be scientific while handling vehicles and engines. Always drive with proper traffic rules and regulations.

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